Bolivia inaugurates the first quinoa milk producer with EU support

Bolivia inaugurates the first quinoa milk producer with EU support

It is a pilot plant that was inaugurated on Thursday in the Andean city of Uyuni, adjacent to the salt flat of the same name in southwestern Bolivia, with an investment of 161,000 dollars, of which 80% was financed by the EU and the rest by the national foundation Fautapo, which seeks to boost production and employment.

"There is no other plant in the world that produces quinoa milk and that is why we have had to carry out a whole technological development for the process," Escalante told Patria Nueva state radio.

The pilot plant began to produce 4,000 liters of milk per month for the market of the schools of the municipalities of Uyuni, Colcha K and San Pedro, among others, where a free breakfast is provided to the children, and from October the product will be in peace.

This milk will be made with the Bolivian variety known as quinua real, a protein-rich grain that is grown only in the Andean region around the Salar de Uyuni, an ancient sea dried thousands of years old.

The milk will have the flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and are high in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The factory was assembled in Bolivia by national technicians with the advice of Peruvian experts.

Bolivia is one of the largest exporters of quinoa and last year it sold a value of 196.6 million dollars, more than three times the figure exported in 2011, of 63 million dollars.

Initially the inauguration of that quinoa milk plant was announced for the end of last year, but so far the authorities have not explained the reasons for the delay.


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