Earth's magnetism influences our health

Earth's magnetism influences our health

By Ana Sáez Ramirez

However, there is another irradiation that is also invisible and about which we know even less: it is magnetism. Very interesting things were said about this from another source, for example through the divine manifestation given through Gabriele for the present time, and this at a time when hardly anything was known about it. For example, in the book ‘Origin and formation of diseases’ the following could be read approximately 25 years ago: “Earth's magnetic fields penetrate all matter, all organisms, all plants and all stone. Everything on Earth is influenced by magnetic fields. "

Today it is known that magnetic fields have a much greater influence than previously believed on living organisms, be they plants, animals or people, much greater than that of all electric fields. A weak magnetic field can produce much stronger effects on the body than a strong electric field. It should not be overlooked that when significant disturbances occur in the Earth's magnetic field, the number of people who enter psychiatric centers increases and also that of people who suffer epilepsy attacks.

When the so-called geomagnetic storms occurred, the cases of people with health problems increased, for example in the field of circulatory and heart diseases, in the form of headaches, disturbances of balance, sleep disturbances, increased eye strain, etc. In addition, there is an increase in violent mental disorders such as criminality, aggressiveness, fear, depression, lack of concentration and memory. In fact, there are studies published in recent years that show that during geomagnetic storms the suicide rate increases. Program

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