Goodbye to washing machines ?: "They train" bacteria to wash clothes

Goodbye to washing machines ?:

A method to wash clothes dirty with bacteria was presented by the student of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Jessica Valeria Cruz Aguirre. The technique does not require water, chemical detergents, or fabric softeners.

The researcher used bacteria that normally live on metals, and began to feed them only with wine, so that they get used to consuming only that product. Then he added other organic products to his ‘diet’, such as a mixture of wine with oil, among others.

To wash dirty clothes, you must first spray these bacteria with an aerosol, which begin to feed on the organic particles that stained the clothes. In this way, in a moment wine stains, edible oil and sweat are removed, as well as their smell, Notimex reports.

During the second stage, it is necessary to kill these bacteria, which is achieved with a second spray, which also contains fabric softeners and perfumes for clothes. It is important to kill all bacteria during this second stage, because if they escape to the environment, their effect can be unpredictable. The study author will address this problem in her next research.

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