Science confirms it: The human being is guilty

Science confirms it: The human being is guilty

By Mª José Navarro

On the hunger crisis, the newspaper FOCUS ONLINE already published an article in October 2009 with the title: "One in six people struggle to survive", where it was read that due to the financial crisis the situation in poor countries has worsened . More than 1 billion people suffer from hunger, not because the Earth does not have enough food for everyone, but because of the imbalance when it comes to distributing it. The rich eat verbatim the food from the plates of the poor, that is to say that again it is man who is guilty.

In relation to environmental poisons, FOCUS Online published in 2008 a list of the ten main pollutants worldwide, among which are: radioactive waste, polluted surface and groundwater, air pollution in buildings, poisoning by mining, metallurgical industry, air pollution from big cities etc. and of all the causer again and again, the man himself. In other words, too great a number of causes caused by people that at some point and in some way will have their effect.

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