Brazilian biologist plants 3,000 trees and recovers, by himself, 20 thousand m2 of vegetation

Brazilian biologist plants 3,000 trees and recovers, by himself, 20 thousand m2 of vegetation

By Raúl Mannise

Like them, the birds also returned to the shores of the Itaipú lagoon thanks to the tireless reforestation work carried out by the marine biologist Luiz Gonzaga, who has planted more than three thousand trees and recovered some 20 thousand square meters in the area of the lagoon.

The project to recover the area began in 2012 on the edge of the Camboatá canal. Here the vegetation is almost impenetrable. The most recent efforts have also shown results: on the João Mendes river border, where some 300 small trees give a green tint to the black earth.

Last week, Gonzaga took over management of part of the lagoon. And he has only taken care of planting and covering with a plastic bottle to protect the young plants from the crabs. Once they grow enough, the bottles are removed to avoid contamination of the plastic.

Walking among the plants, the biologist liked to repeat that nature only needs a little push to show its grace.

You have the opportunity to help nature to recover. Then, when the trees grow, the birds, crabs and lizards return. These are the kinds of things that anyone can do, and they are the ones that can really make a difference in this world - says Gonzaga, surrounded by many others on the Río João Mendes stretch.

The initiative, explains the biologist, also recovered a place that was formerly used to discard rubble by people and today it is a natural reserve and is responsible for maintaining the biodiversity of the lagoon.

It also coordinates efforts with a nearby national park of which the lagoon is also part, for environmental education and cleaning jobs in the sector where it takes advantage of involving the little ones.

Excellent work of recovery and preservation of a beautiful place, hopefully many will follow the example of this wonderful human being.


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