"We are La Via Campesina"

We are pleased to launch the new video of La Via Campesina, the first international peasant movement.

"We are La Via Campesina" is a video where the men and women leaders of La Via Campesina, members of organizations in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe, share their struggles in favor of food sovereignty, social and climate justice . This video was filmed this year during the World Social Forum in Tunis, in it we can see the experiences of peasant women and men on solidarity, the struggles of women, land, seeds, water. The video is available in English, French and Spanish and lasts 16 minutes.

La Via Campesina has more than 200 million members in 164 organizations in 73 countries. For more than 20 years, La Via Campesina has become the largest social movement in the world. A fertile base to strengthen the seeds of struggles and solidarity.

Video: Canción VII Conferencia de La Vía Campesina 2017 (May 2021).