Natural air fresheners to eliminate bad odors in the home

Natural air fresheners to eliminate bad odors in the home

By Santiago Arboleda

We found that in supermarkets there are already many options to eliminate bad odors from the house, but most of them are chemical products, which in addition to being expensive and damaging to the environment, can be easily replaced by natural air fresheners.

In addition, these air fresheners of natural origin provide a series of advantages that those of chemical origin do not have.

For example, plants are very important to maintain a good environment at home, they can be alive, in pots, or simply be a bouquet of flowers in a vase.

Flowers act as a natural air freshener, helping to disperse mild natural fragrances, but many plants, such as azaleas or bamboo, are also known to help neutralize the formaldehyde particles released by our furniture.

Another common problem is that of strong smells in the kitchen, especially when cooking cauliflower or fish; a good solution is to use lemon against them. Add six lemon slices and a little cloves to a pot of water, and leave it over low heat for ten minutes, so the smell of cauliflower will no longer invade the whole house.

In our rooms we also have the problem of the smell of the drawers for clothes; natural scented soap can be used. It only has to be placed between the clothes and every time a garment is going to be removed, the smell of clean will be noticed.

We also have vinegar which is a natural odor neutralizer. It is capable of eliminating annoying odors such as tobacco, strong food and humidity. You can make cubes of vinegar and put them in the garbage can so that little by little it eliminates the odors.

Another natural air freshener is eucalyptus, which has many properties and is widely used to make deodorants or bath gels. But you can take advantage of it naturally using a pot and boiling it over low heat, in this way it will refresh the room and during the winter it serves as a good remedy due to its expectorant properties.

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