Treehotel, a new concept of ecological hotel

Treehotel, a new concept of ecological hotel

The concept was born from the question: "Why not create a comfortable, well-designed hotel that allows visitors to live in harmony with nature among the trees?"

The result is a new hotel concept based on ecology and design located less than 100 km from the Arctic Circle in Harads, northern Sweden, consisting of a collection of rooms suspended between trees, designed by prestigious architects and designers. Swedes.

The objective of the project is to find new formulas for the sustainable colonization of the natural environment, to find a way to appreciate the forest without damaging it. All the materials used in its construction come from sustainable sources and the sanitary systems seek to save water and energy.

Treehotel is open all year round, which means that users will be able to enjoy the warm summers in the area or the cold winters where the temperature can drop to -30 ºC although the usual is -10 ºC or -15 ºC. By this time the Treehotel has an environmentally friendly electric underfloor heating system.

The rooms, built mainly of wood, have an area of ​​between 15 and 30 square meters and are raised between two and four meters from the ground. The first four were inaugurated in July 2010, currently it has eight, a total of 24 are expected to be built in a period of 5 years.


Video: Treehouse Hotels: Luxury Rooms with a Birds Eye View (June 2021).