How to grow 45 kg of potatoes in a barrel

How to grow 45 kg of potatoes in a barrel

Here are the recommendations in 4 simple steps to have a potato harvest without having a garden:

1. Select and prepare a container.

You will have to choose a container such as a barrel or garbage can of approximately 190 liters. As an alternative, you can buy used barrels or potato planters that are sold in the market, although my recommendation is that you find and reuse a container to avoid ending up in the trash.

Almost any 1 meter tall container will work, but be sure to select a container that either already has holes made, or one that can be easily punctured. You will have to leave the container clean, without residues of any kind.

Good drainage is essential for growing healthy potatoes, so you have to drill a series of large drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel, pot or container that we use.

2. Choose a variety of potato.

Seed potatoes can usually be found in nurseries when it's in season, but you only need to buy them once. If you want, you can sprout your potatoes yourself before planting by putting them in an egg carton, the part with the most sprouts facing up, and placing them in a cool room where they do not receive direct sunlight.

Fill the bottom of the container with about 6 inches of mulch and compost. Vegetable mulch can be made from reused coconut shells, so that the mixture is not too compact, it will help to retain moisture for the roots.

Next, add some seed potatoes to the layer of soil, making sure to leave enough space between each one. Loosely fill the potatoes with another 15 cm of soil and water compost mixture to moisten the soil. Keep the soil moist at all times, but be careful not to overwater.

3. Add more soil.

Add another layer of compost-soil mixture to cover about half of the stems. Repeat this process allowing the shoots to grow, you have to cover the shoots and moisten the soil.

4. Harvesting the potatoes.

After 10 weeks, the potatoes should be ready for harvest. Dig carefully with your hands to see if they are ready. After you've confirmed they are ready, tip the keg onto a tarp and collect your reward.

After the first harvest, save some potatoes to use as seed potatoes next year.

Instead of using soil, try growing potatoes in sawdust (natural, untreated).

Experiment with different containers, the varieties of seed potatoes and the waterings.

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