Generating green energy on the way to school

Generating green energy on the way to school

His school portfolio is special, it is equipped with a solar panel that accumulates energy in a battery that it also incorporates. This novel solar-powered wallet charges as he walks to school, and also when he returns home.

Once home, she empties her purse and starts doing her homework. Every day, Kagomelo fits the small panel into a pot that acts as a lamp.

In addition, these wallets fulfill a double function, they also make children be seen on the road, thanks to a reflective material that they incorporate.

The wallet is made from recycled plastic in a factory in Rustenburg, his hometown. Rea Ngwane, responsible for the project, assures that the children are delighted with their new wallets, and also their parents and teachers say that the children now perform better in school.

Repurpose Schoolbags, the company that makes them, now plans to expand its business to other African countries where many poor communities do not have electricity.


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