Ebike 75, system to transform any bike into electric

Ebike 75, system to transform any bike into electric

The possibility of converting a bicycle into an electric bicycle is not new, the difference lies in the ease of the system and that the system is compatible with the largest number of bicycle models on the market.

The Ebike 75 kit consists of a motor, a battery that can go in several locations, a wheel that will replace the front or rear of the bike and a data screen from where we manage the entire system, as well as an app for management from the mobile. The installation is very simple and also reversible, so if we are not satisfied, we do not like it or we want to adapt it to another bicycle, or simply that day we want to pedal without help, we can do it in 5 minutes.

Ebike 75 will cost between 750 and 900 euros, a fairly high price for a normal bicycle user, but which makes it competitive for users who think about buying an electric bicycle, of the many that are in the current market.

Save time and money by circulating through the city without traffic jams, also exercising while you go to work or any daily commute. The bicycle is fashionable, it brings you great personal and collective benefits, and it is also an ecological means of transport.


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