Don't throw it away! 4 very useful uses you can give that old cell phone

Don't throw it away! 4 very useful uses you can give that old cell phone

Although you could also donate it to someone who needs it more than you, such as a family member or friend. Or deliver it to a recycling center. But if you are too attached to it and are not willing to get rid of it, we suggest some uses that you could give it. You won't need a SIM card, just a wireless internet connection. Or not even that.

1. E-book

It won't be a Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader, but your old smartphone can take on the basic functions of an e-book. You will only have to download a specific application for it. There are several, such as Moon +, Aldiko, Cool Reader, or the Kindle app itself, available for iOS, Android or Windows Phone platforms. These will allow you to turn your old device into an e-reader, something very useful for travel, for example. This way you will avoid wasting the battery of your new smartphone.

2. Surveillance camera.

You may not be willing to buy a home security camera, considering it an expendable expense. But now that you've decided to get a new smartphone, you could use the old one for that purpose. In this case you will also have to download an application. You will find several free ones available: Security Cam, Video├╝berwachung IP-Kamera ovMEye, among others. It will also be important that you place your old smartphone near an outlet, especially if you want it to record for a long period, such as holidays. The activity that your new security camera records can be followed with another phone or a computer.

3. Media player

A smartphone can perfectly serve as an external hard drive, to store data. Also, with the right cable to connect it to the TV (it will depend on what type of port the device has, USB or HDMI), you can also reproduce all that content on the screen. And this is not only true for smartphones with large capacity. You can always reproduce the content in streaming, directly from the pages where it is hosted, without having to download it to your cell phone. In that case it will act as a simple data transmitter.

4. Computer

Yes, your smartphone can be a computer, albeit a mid-range one. As for the rest of the functions, for this you will not need the SIM card either. Without it, but with a wireless connection, you will be able to surf the internet, access social networks, and create text documents, as well as playing games, listening to music, etc. Than get you a bigger screen and keyboard. The first is simple, since today there are adapters to connect the mobile to almost any type of external monitor. And for the second you must buy a wireless keyboard and activate the bluetooth of the phone. Thus, without too much effort and in most cases without expense, you will have a new device at home.

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