Barf diet: a natural diet for your cat

Barf diet: a natural diet for your cat

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It will surely surprise many that this diet for cats is based on feeding the pet with raw but biologically appropriate products. And while it beats a portion-based diet naturally, the tricky part of the Barf diet is being able to supply the different foods in the right proportions so that the cat can get all the benefits from its food.

Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional if you plan to change your diet to a Barf diet who can recommend the types of food and the appropriate amounts for the age and size of your pet.

Normally the diet consists of 60 to 70% raw meat, and the remaining percentage of vegetables or greens.

When we have to supply meat to our cat, we will have to make sure that it is destined for human consumption (thus we ensure its hygiene), and place it for a moment in a container of boiling water, but without letting it cook. in order to eliminate any existing microbes.

Then, when serving it to your pet, you can accompany it with fish oil which, in addition to making it tastier, will provide your kitten with a good dose of vitamin A and D.

In general, in the Barf diet for cats, the percentage of meat to be supplied is 4% of the entire weight of the animal, and it is convenient to divide it into three meals a day.

To start with this diet your cat does not need any age or special condition, on the contrary, the younger you start consuming natural foods, the better the benefits that this diet provides: more lustrous coat, less accumulation of tartar, fresh breath, better muscle development and less accumulation of body fat.

You will also have to consider that once you change your cat's diet to barf, he will hardly want to consume feed again, so you better think very well before doing it, and consult a veterinarian who will advise you on the best way to administer this new diet for your pet.

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