Charge your phone in 2 hours with this solar charger inspired by the Ginkgo tree

Charge your phone in 2 hours with this solar charger inspired by the Ginkgo tree

The smartest idea we can have for the future in terms of Energy, is to incorporate renewable sources in our daily activities. I am referring to small adjustments to our homes and devices that work with renewable energy such as this solar charger in the form of leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree and inspired by its ability to convert light into energy.

This charger designed by XD Design Apart from having solar cells, it has a 4,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery to store clean energy and continue working when there is no sun. The materials from which it is made are bamboo and ecological plastic on an aluminum base and LEDs that indicate the state of charge.

Not only can you charge your cell phone, it works with practically any device that is charged through a USB cable such as tablets and other mobiles. Something surprising about the Ginkgo is that you can have your phone battery charged in just 2 hours, something efficient for a solar charger.

As an element of decoration the Ginkgo It does its job very well, as the bamboo gives it an organic touch and the plastic adds a modern touch. I think that the choice of this type of appliance in our homes is a good decision because in addition to being beautiful, they are functional.

Wind and solar farms in the future will be able to power our homes with energy, but as soon as that comes, we can help the planet and our economy with household items that make efficient use of energy and, if possible, also produce it.

The charger Ginkgo It has a cost of 119 euros and you can learn more about its operation in the following video.

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