18 million little lambs go through the slaughterhouse annually

18 million little lambs go through the slaughterhouse annually

By Teresa Antequera Cerverón

If we start at the beginning, by raising sheep, it should be said that the breeding will occur naturally only in small farms, in large ones nothing is left to chance, there the insemination will be artificial, so that all the lambs they will be born at the desired moment.

To carry out this operation, the semen is obtained in a brutal way, introducing the males a probe into the intestine, which by squeezing it to the prostate, will be able to spill the semen by means of electrical impulses that run throughout the body.

Subsequently to the females a probe is inserted into the uterus, through which the extracted semen is injected.

So when we see sheep placidly grazing in the meadow, let us not so lightly assume that they have been able to breed and be born naturally.

Since humans are involved in the natural reproduction cycle of sheep, lambs are not born in spring, as would be natural, when temperatures are moderate, but are born in the freezing cold of winter.

The lambs, when they are born have very thin skin and little hair, in addition to being born totally soaked.

In this way they have to be outdoors in extreme conditions. According to a study carried out in Great Britain, it is known that at least 20% of lambs do not survive these tortures.

Precisely there 4 million sheep or lambs die of cold or hunger in the first weeks of life.

But neither does a better life await the surviving animals, since shortly after birth, and precisely because their meat is highly coveted, they are killed, most of the time within a few weeks or months of being born.

For example, in Spain 18 million lambs and 1 million sheep are killed annually.

The young are taken from the mothers and shoved into large trucks or transport boats. Many times they make trips of many hours or days.

Locked up and imprisoned at low temperatures or in blazing heat, they are exposed to stress and cramped conditions, which means unnecessary suffering to animals that are still babies, so many of them die during transport. When they arrive at the slaughterhouse completely frightened, they are beaten down and driven off with kicks or electroshock, and there a sad and bloody end awaits them.

The following paragraph is from Rosa Luxemburg, who wrote "Letters from prison": «During the unloading of the truck, the animals were very still and exhausted, and one who was bleeding was staring into space, with his little black face and his tender eyes, with the expression of a child who has been severely punished and does not know why, nor does he know how to escape violent torture. I was in front, and the animal was looking at me.

Tears were coming to my eyes.

It was her tears.

Not even for the most beloved brother can you suffer more than I suffered in my powerlessness to alleviate this silent suffering.

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