Latin America thirsty for good water management

Latin America thirsty for good water management

According to the Inter-American Water Resources Network, three of its important basins have less than 10 percent of the available water, due to their overexploitation: that of the Valley of Mexico, where its capital stands, that of the South Pacific, which includes Peru, Ecuador. , Chile and Argentina, and that of the Río de la Plata, which includes Argentina and Uruguay.

In Chile, the main cause of the vulnerability of small farmers is the “theft of water” by large agro-exporters. Which is aggravated because water rights were privatized in 1981, during the military dictatorship.

In addition, the hydroelectric threat persists for Chilean Patagonia because after the victorious fight of almost a decade against HidroAysén, a project that sought to build five large hydroelectric plants, the region struggles to stop the silent advance of another dam on the Cuervo River.

In Cuba, the population is very concerned about the drought, a silent phenomenon that this year could reach an unprecedented intensity and which they are beginning to fear as much as hurricanes.

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