Know the magical benefits of having plants at home

Know the magical benefits of having plants at home

In most homes, plants are seen as a way to adorn, decorate in the corners, or simply be fashionable with exotic species. However, the presence of vegetation in houses represents advantages for human beings, which range from "improving the environment at home and the health of those who inhabit it."

The most notable contributions of plants are four: they fight pollution, absorb electricity, improve results and reduce noise. It looks like magic!

How do plants help at home?

1. The presence of "harmful gases and chemical particles" are absorbed by plants, then processed and transformed into nutrients. Some plants that work as green filters are the following: ficus, dragonflies, juliet and palm trees.

2. They absorb the electricity produced by computer equipment and electrical appliances that "often causes us headaches, fatigue or tension." Nature is a reducing element of static electricity.

3. Consider having different plant species in each corner of the house, as this is when the best results are obtained. It is advisable to accommodate two floors every 10 square meters.

4. Hard floors and confined spaces cause noise to be prolonged or increased, so if you want to reduce noise, plants are the best option to “drown out the sounds”.

Ecology Journal

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