25 wonderful gifts from our dogs

25 wonderful gifts from our dogs

They have an extraordinary ability to calm our mind and body, soothing our soul in a subtly perceptible way. They are authentic and are guided by the emotional connection they establish with us.

Dogs, since they have a very special bond with their family, connect deeply with their caregivers. They are the best gift that can exist, offering us thousands of wonderful things with their hairy bodies. Today we bring you 25 of them ...

1- They help us heal our emotional wounds. They are specialists in making us feel good and make us forget our pains, both body and soul.

2- Always they are by our side when we are sad ... and when we are happy. They are happy sharing life with us and they show it to us.

3- They don't care if we are rich, poor, tall, fat or skinny. They love us whatever our condition.

4- They have no ego and are not interested in social norms.

5- They never get tired of playing.

6- His love is unconditional and they love us above all else, even above themselves.

7- They listen to us carefully, even if they don't understand anything or don't like the way we're doing it.

8- Of course, with them by our side we are never alone and we always have someone to talk to.

9- But also a company that keeps and understands the silence that we sometimes need.

10- Every day they make you smile with any detail, no matter how small ...

11- They are always happy. Even on the days when they are sick, they get the strength to move their tail and show their joy because they see us or we are by their side.

12- Not to mention that, even if you go down to buy bread and go home, They always receive you with a joy that seems like they haven't seen you for years.

13- His greatest joy is spending time with you.

14- They are our guardian angels. Although they weigh 2 kg, they are extraordinarily brave. They would give their lives to protect you so that nothing happens to you.

15- They turn into one more member of the family and consequently they have their own affectionate nickname.

16- They are specialists in surprising you. Their acrobatic postures, their ways of talking to you and asking for food, the little noises they emit, their expressions… EVERYTHING.

17- They become personal trainers, because they force you to be physically active. Every day you have to take him out for a walk and to play; so, on average, you will always walk at least 2 hours more a week than those without dogs.

18- You share the same culinary tastes. Your favorite food is also his favorite food.

19- They make you socialize and meet other people. The human-dog world is the most picturesque and fun.

20- The furry ones help you control stress, mood and your physical state. They can even detect with their smell if you have cancer.

21- They are specialists in giving you kisses that will reach the depths of your soul.

22- They teach us to contemplate life being responsible.

23- They are just as wonderful as children and are excellent babysitters. They touch anyone with his witticisms and his self-confidence.

24- Friend is a dog's name and loyalty is his best last name. A dog will forever be your best friend.

25- Your dog will help you stop looking for reasons to be unhappy and it will teach you that the important thing in life is not the place you want to get to, but the path you are traveling.

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