Chubut: a drone registered two whales mating in Puerto Madryn

Chubut: a drone registered two whales mating in Puerto Madryn

In El Doradillo, the whales gave an unexpected show. Near the coast, there were three specimens that performed the rite of reproduction, common for this time in the species.

On an almost autumnal day, with an excellent temperature and no winds, yesterday the copulation could be observed by several families from the coast and captured by the drone of a photographer from the newspaper Clarín.

El Doradillo is a beach complex located 13 kilometers from Puerto Madryn, in Chubut.

It is protected by high cliffs, making it an ideal place for the calving and copulation of the huge cetaceans. At this moment there are about one hundred specimens very close to the coast since it is a place where the sea has great depths. The whales that have young or that managed to copulate continue to travel to Peninsula Valdés.

From Puerto Pirámides, the only populated place on the peninsula, there are sightings that attract more than 100,000 tourists every year. The Southern Right whale, the main tourist resource in the province, reaches the Chubut shores in May and remains until mid-December.

About 70 calves are born per season, although a percentage generally die from stranding.

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