London buses will be electric from October

London buses will be electric from October

By José A. Roca

The mayor, mostly designated as the future leader of the Conservative Party, announced this week in C40: the top of the clean bus, who has signed an agreement with him Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD Company for the supply of electric buses, starting with line 16.

BYD says that its double-decker buses can travel 155 miles, even at peak traffic hours, on a single charge of its iron-phosphate batteries, which have a 12-year warranty.

The news comes after the Delhi Metro announced that it is considering switching to 100% solar power following the dominant trend among public transport companies around the world, which have started the migration towards clean energy sources.

The bus operator First west launched its biomethane-powered Bio-Bus between Bristol and Bath in the west of England in late March. The Bio-Bus is manufactured from human waste from 32,000 households.

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