Destroy the relief and fuel global warming

Destroy the relief and fuel global warming

By Gustavo Portocarrero Valda

The nightmare of its extraction.- For those who do not know, the Appalachian Mountains, located throughout the United States, are an abundant source of that environmental poison. To be highly lucrative, this activity can only be carried out by multi-million dollar investments, where small ones do not fit. In this way the phases and movements of the work are harmonized, avoid unnecessary and useless movements and save time and money.

Journalist John Conner, whose publication was censored, although spread over the internet, exposed the root of the problem as follows:

“Coal mining is destroying America's mountain tops by blowing them up with dynamite instead of using much more expensive mining labor. Summits that the earth and nature forged in hundreds of millions of years disappear.

"The technique consists of uncovering the cusps to extract the carbon that is lower down, taking advantage of the absence of regulation or the laziness of regulators, but destroying biodiversity, water sources, devastating ecosystems and leaving behind a great memory. sterile hole.

“The dynamites affect the watershed, at the same time that they dismember the mountains. With this practice, more than 1,600 km of waterways have been destroyed in West Virginia alone. Likewise, sediment mass dams endanger entire communities, which in turn are affected by the effects of direct explosions ... "

That very new form of tillage –destape with explosions of accumulated dynamite– avoids normal penetration to the subsoil by means of dark tunnels (tunnels); situation that does not allow to generate high profits, given the restricted width of the access. On the contrary, with a mountain headless, the entire extraction process is done above, in the bright light of day, with tractors, cranes, wheel loaders, trucks, rails, wagons and everything else necessary to collect the coal (mineral coal ) Money is left over for the target when the payoff is astronomical.

The social protests of the communities are permanently drowned out by the complicit silence of the media. This is the power of corporate money.

The damage caused by the extraction of stone charcoal quickly destroys the flora and fauna of the region. Plants, little plants, trees, animal species, typical of the forests, are liquidated: hares, foxes, snakes, arachnids, deer, wild cats, bears and countless other living beings. The promontories or debris of land - mining rubbish - are thrown to the slopes of the hills to expose them to their violent and catastrophic descent with the action of the rains. The riverbeds of lower levels see their crystalline descent altered, with the death of fish, due to the action of mineral, animal and plant geological waste that moves with the explosions. The mountains are destroyed and the natural designs, which balance the conservation of the climate, can no longer fulfill their objective. Crystal clear waters end up polluted and springs of pure water and springs disappear.

As everything must be justified and decorated, the "technical" language has adopted its own lexicology: "cross-range mining", "surface mining", and so on. There is no doubt that a fantasy in previous workers' salaries is also saved. In West Virginia alone, 40,000 jobs were cut.

Directly from home, anyone can witness this massive destruction. All you have to do is turn on the computer and go online to be stunned. Thousands of kilometers of mountains are seen virtually shaved of all vegetation. Once the natural green color has disappeared, it ends up being replaced by the sterile earth color, a panorama that the devastated can never restore. The consequences? –Desertisation of the mountains, increased heat, rarefied air, coming avalanches, etc., etc.

The protection of the Central Power, as well as of the local authorities, is so much that just having stopped such voracity by an official was considered by a magistrate as an “abuse of authority”. On the other hand, the arrests of environmentalists are simple because there are plenty of police and resources for those operations.

Given the immense volumes of the material extracted and crushed, the transport is carried out by rail, whose laying of rails can easily reach the place of shipment. The author of this article was able to verify, in the State of Pennsylvania, dirty and blackened stations due to the action of the product. Out of curiosity - and in a single shipment near the train station Altoona- counted two hundred and four wagons full of coal, powered by four locomotives. On a later occasion, he checked at the port of Norfolk, Virginia, huge headlands (like hills) of crushed coal, waiting to be mounted on cargo ships, heading for their final destinations.

Other effects.- The Appalachian mountains, where there are more than five states, are the silent witness of a giant natural coffin of dead hills. It is the typical case of a murder that leaves in its replacement, desolation and sterile lunar landscape. It is an open door against the environment because, thanks to the action of the winds, dust travels through the air carrying lethal toxins.

As already mentioned earlier, the streams in the valleys receive an infinity of residues or waste of earth and coal that form improvised dams and natural reservoirs, without the construction of cement dikes. These tailings, or concentrates of chemical materials, can explode in the cold with only the pressure of their weight, devastating the areas below to kill more plant and animal life, also poisoning the rivers below.

Up to now the subject has been touched on in its production and distribution phase. Now it is time to see what happens with the industrial process of consumption.

Mineral coal, or coal, is purchased in large quantities by the world's heavy industry. With its burning, enough calorific energy is produced to carry out works never thought of, especially plants for the generation of electricity. North American industry is a good consumer of its lethal product, with about 600 coal-fired power plants.

All heavy industry in developed (and other developing) countries, consisting of mineral foundries, production of locomotives, airplanes, ships, trucks, engines, automobiles, tractors, war tanks, tools and any type of similar machinery), it has something to do with coal.

Of course, the daily burning of this product endorses your account to planet Earth, leaving you with two magnificent types of garbage:solid and fizzyThe first circulates through the ground and part of the atmosphere; the second, directly through the sky. Let's talk about the first thing:

  1. The combustion of coal emits ash (soot), which is distributed anywhere by the action of the wind and air currents. I remember traveling by train in Europe (between Czechoslovakia and Poland), traveling through vast expanses under the force of coal-fired locomotives, whose huge chimneys distributed, together with the smoke, easily adherent solid particles wherever, including clothing.
  2. The technicians have verified that the ash from the consumed coal contains radiation, constituting a risk for those who are in the vicinity of those plants.
  3. In various parts of the world the acid rain whose discharges destroy fertile places. They also damage buildings, monuments and cemeteries, even if they are made of marble.
  4. Carbon dioxide (CO2) has suffocating effects and causes asthma.
  5. Mercury also emanates from coal. When the latter ends up in the waters of rivers and lakes, it ends up in the body of the fish, whose ingestion acts as a neurotoxin, attacking the brain and nervous system. Lots of people no longer want fish for food.

The most serious effects.- It is time to talk about the air travel of carbon dioxide, through upper space and its consequent effects on planet Earth:

First phase. The chimneys of industrial plants -chimneys of "progress" when saying of the imbecility and / or ignorance- they expel all their smoke into the air space thanks to their high length of pipe, of significant width. To avoid its return to the ground, the technique has long dispatched it at high speed through giant pipes.

It is not necessary to be a man of letters to compare such cannons with cannons, because they fire a lethal weapon - CO2, carbon dioxide - against the life of the planet, with a few outrageous aggravations:thousands of tons of dispatch, habituality, speed and the entire working day(to be counted in hours)

It is clarified that a large part of the polluting companies now expel their pollution at night, always in coordination with the authorities. For what reason? - So that people do not perceive the monstrosity of their black broadcasts and avoid the indignant reactions of thousands of people who are willing to do so.

Second phase. The smoke, plus other additional gases, is dispatched upward on an unknown space "tour," which is not limited to visiting from the clouds. It crosses from the troposphere, the area where man lives and travels by plane, heading for the stratosphere, leaving its effects on the white cloud structures to continue towards its goal. There an infinity of gases await you for a harmonious union (symbiosis) in those confines that only spaceships have crossed.

It is clear that there is no way to go any further, because the fragile pomp - called Ozone layer- (great natural filter that protects life from the sun's ultraviolet rays) does not let the gases go further.

Third phase. Those accumulated gases now constitute a pernicious intermediate layer that no longer allows to balance the temperature, as it happened previously. Heat flowed in and out of the pomp, freely, to maintain stability.

Blocked as the exit of heat is found, all this remains concentrated within the planet, producing what is called: global warming. Life on Earth generates antagonistic phenomena by air currents. On the one hand abundant rains, in other latitudes:drought; extreme heat in some and extreme cold in others.

Fourth phase. The global consequences are already indisputable. Hurricanes are more violent, the melting of the poles occurs, particularly in the Arctic, increasing the level of the oceans and announcing floods in coastal cities. A few days ago, two scientists drowned when they stepped on an ice sheet, which could no longer support their weight.

Increased warming has already led to the disappearance of several plant species and the animal kingdom. Future disasters are as horrifying, as the perforation that the ozone layer has suffered, and allows the entry and direct action within the planet, of the sun's ultraviolet rays. I prefer to silence other effects so as not to alarm, nor do they suppose me to be a catastrophist or a fictional novelist.

Worst of all, the transnational economic consortia - directly guilty of global warming, but enriching themselves at the cost of death - turn a deaf ear to the anguished cry of humanity to stop the consumption of fossil fuels (coal and oil). On the other hand, the powerful governments of the world, made up of creeping and pantsless presidents, candidly display themselves without strength or will to order an end to ecocide. What's more, they continue to provide and even expand tolerances.

There is no part of the world where the clamor for the total cessation of those fuels does not grow. All technical trials to preserve them have completely failed.

It is appropriate, as appropriate to the subject, to cite the prominent English journalist George Mombiot, from the newspaper The Guardian From london:

Ladies and Gentlemen. I have the answer. Although it seems incredible, I have discovered the technology that will save us from climate change! With all the goodness of my heart, I offer it to you for free; no patents, no fine print, no hidden clauses. This technology, a radical vision of how to capture carbon and store it, is already causing a sensation in scientific circles. It is cheap, efficient, and can be implemented immediately. The answer is ... leave fossil fuels where they are.

In case there is any person who disagrees with the content of this article, I invite you to write a work against it. If you decorate it with scientific content to refute and ridicule any environmental argument, rest assured that the multinational Exxon Mobille it will pay ten thousand US dollars and it will be widely disseminated in the media that it controls. This is the way it is being done and so are others of the same ilk, who pretend to cover their dirty business with the immoral action of highly paid intellectual servants.

Gustavo Portocarrero Valda

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