The world's largest urban air purifier

The world's largest urban air purifier

Roosengaarde (1979) explained to Efe during an interview that his project consists of "a tower about 6.50 meters high, which absorbs polluted air, purifies it and spits out only clean air."

Together with the ENS Europe company and Professor Bob Ursem from the University of Delft, the Roosegaarde study has patented “this kind of vacuum cleaner based on ion technology that is used today in hospitals, lightweight material and LEDs that allow to capture 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) ”, explained the artist.

That tower, which for now is just a prototype, will be inaugurated on September 4 in the new facilities of the Roosengaarde studio in Rotterdam, with the idea that it will later travel to Beijing and possibly other cities such as Mexico.

"The agreement we have reached with the city of Rotterdam is for the city to act as a laboratory where all the ridiculous ideas that we have, whether by commission or my initiative as an artist, are put into practice here first," he said. It is about the city becoming "a platform for new ideas" that motivates "the local economy and creativity," added Roosegaarde.

Although "Rotterdam does not have serious pollution problems, it will be here where we will put this new technology to the test" so that other governments and institutions can check its operation, and later it can "travel to cities like Beijing, with whom we have already started negotiations," he explained. .

This project, which has been called "Smog Free Project (project without pollution)" by the artist, "can be assembled in a single day and the material is not heavy so its transport is also relatively easy and feasible," he explained to Efe. .

He added that one of the cities he will visit is Beijing, which faces a severe pollution problem that its authorities want to solve as soon as possible. According to the designer, "they have a program of 165 million euros for cleaning the air in the city", although he pointed out that at the moment "all they are doing is moving factories to less populated areas".

He added that in his opinion "they need a more innovative solution and that is why they are interested" in his project, "but first they want to see that it works."

For the artist, whose main mission is to "design prototypes of the smart city of the future", it is essential to "learn from nature" and then "apply this knowledge in the design of buildings, public spaces, road construction or smart urban furniture. ”.

This is the case with other projects that have already placed it on the international map, such as the “Van Gogh” bike path or the “Smart Highway” with a similar technological system that is charged during the day with sunlight and illuminated at night. sustainable.

Also “Glowing Nature”, an initiative in which it works together with the Bioglow company and the University of New York, and which will consist of “creating genetically modified luminous plants that illuminate the city at night without the need for streetlights, cables, or solar panels. "Roosegaarde explained to Efe.

The work of this young and innovative Dutch artist, who in his words is “techno poetry”, consists of designing and inventing “pragmatic and poetic projects” that bring together technology and nature to make design “more human, more sensitive”.

"All my work begins with art, it is poetry, and it is usually linked to an obsession, but I don't want to put the pieces in a museum but rather I want to collaborate with people ... Create the intelligent landscape of the future", he highlighted.

He pointed out that now his concern is that "children in Beijing who cannot play outside due to the amount of pollution, can do so."

Jewelery with polluted air particles Your anti-pollution project is completed with a collection of jewelery that you will design with polluted air particles.

"If we take into account that a large percentage of the polluted air is coal and that we obtain diamonds from this material at low pressure, with the waste from the polluted air we will design high-end jewelery whose benefits will be directed to improving the project," he explained.

This facet of the project "expands its potential" because in addition to signifying technological innovation, it is also "social innovation", he considered.


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