8 healthy benefits of consuming cinnamon regularly

8 healthy benefits of consuming cinnamon regularly

Cinnamon sticks have been used for thousands of years for remedies for their medicinal properties - it is a key spice in Ayurvedic practice. Unfortunately its use for these purposes has diminished considerably with the "Modern World" and the comfort of allopathy.

Today we dedicate this space to remember the healing value of Cinnamomum verum. It will be very useful for sure.

01. Helps control blood glucose levels, thanks to B1 cinnamtannin. This compound stimulates insulin receptors, also inhibits an enzyme that inactivates them, increasing the cells' ability to assimilate glucose. For this, it is recommended to consume cinnamon on an empty stomach and after eating.

02. They promote good digestion, as they contain significant amounts of dietary fiber, iron and calcium. This makes it possible to eliminate bile salts from the body; By not eliminating them correctly, it can harm the colon. Due to its spicy flavor, it also activates the digestive fire of the stomach.

03. By stimulating the digestive system, cinnamon is an excellent support for weight loss. Helps eliminate fat accumulations, reduce the presence of cholesterol and triglycerides; likewise, it helps prevent heart disease. Consuming cinnamon infusion on a regular basis prevents the accumulation of fat, especially in the abdomen - the most harmful form that exists.

04. It can also be used as a natural antidiarrheal and antiemetic —in other words, it controls vomiting and nausea. Caution should be taken when using it to control these conditions during pregnancy, as cinnamon is so strong that it could be abortive when consumed in large quantities. Better we should avoid it in pregnancy or suspicion of it.

05. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is excellent for treating colds or flu. It can be taken in capsules or prepare an infusion of cinnamon with fresh ginger - take the tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, to reinforce -. Cinnamon helps reduce coughs and lower fever, without the bothersome drowsy effect of medications.

06. Stimulates brain functions, especially in older adults. According to a study conducted by the Florida Association for Chemoreception Sciences, patients who chewed natural cinnamon-flavored gum showed better results in tasks related to attention processes, visual memory, recognition, and visual speed.

07. It is an effective natural anticoagulant. It prevents the excessive accumulation of platelets in the blood, bringing this process to normal levels - in case of taking some anticoagulant treatment, or if you suffer from hepatitis, it is better to avoid its consumption. Due to this wonderful property, it is an excellent remedy for women with painful menstrual periods.

08. Cinnamon is full of essential vitamins and minerals for our body, such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

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