Abandonment of 60 chimpanzees used in biomedical experimentation on an island in Libya

Abandonment of 60 chimpanzees used in biomedical experimentation on an island in Libya

Great Ape Project (GAP / PGS-Spain), denounces before public opinion and the International Community, the abandonment of 60 chimpanzees on the island called "Monkey Island", located in the Farmington River, near the coast and half an hour from the town Marshall in Libya.

According to this organization, in 1974 a Project called VILAB was launched in that country, where 200 chimpanzees were used in invasive experimentation by the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research.

The program was launched by New York Blood Center, one of the largest providers of medical blood in the United States. Most of the chimpanzees were infected for the study of Hepatitis and Rio Blindness diseases.

As they were used, they were taken to an island in the middle of the Farmington River. The center stopped working in 2005 and since then they have been fed continuously by those responsible for the program who promised to do so throughout their lives since the place where they are found does not have natural food to subsist, thus creating a natural cage where at all times they have to be fed.

Due to the cost, $ 30,000 a month that the daily feeding supposes, on March 5 of this year, the New York Blood Center, has decided not to keep the chimpanzees anymore, complaining of the great cost of providing them with food daily.

Since then, chimpanzees have lived in extreme danger of death, abandoned to their fate once they have been used by men for their benefit, according to the Great Ape Project.

Once again according to this organization, we are faced with the irresponsibility of medical experimentation and that once beings close to humans have been used and infected with viruses, they are despised after having given their lives in a supposed "benefit" for The science.

Now, left to their own devices, the island can become their own tomb, which without having the resources to feed themselves and without being able to leave it, they will die irretrievably of hunger.

"This is the payment we give to those who precisely because of our closeness and share 99% of the total genes with humans and once used for our benefit, instead of thanking them for collaborating with us, we abandon them to certain death.

The same happened with the so-called "chimpanzees", the chimpanzees who helped man reach the Moon and who were handed over to medical experimentation centers after the end of the space program, many of them dying in a few weeks.

The ingratitude of man and wanting to be the owner of life in all its variables, leads to the human condition preventing moral progress and the recognition of non-human beings that, without them, society would not have advanced until today ”, has declared Pedro Pozas Terrados, Executive Director of the Great Ape Project (GAP / PGS-Spain).

Pozas points out that we cannot allow these chimpanzees abandoned in a "cage island" to starve. They have rendered their services to humanity and humanity has an obligation to keep them alive.

They have endured enough torture so that now the man closes his eyes and wants to forget them. Once again, the Great Ape Project asks the International Community to immediately stop all experimentation with primates and other animals, since there are safer, faster and cheaper alternative means than the use of sentient living beings, appealing to moral conscience and human dignity.


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