Conicet biologist: transgenics are "genocidal and ecocidal"

Conicet biologist: transgenics are

In an interview published in La Gaceta, he highlighted the fact that the transgenic model - which Argentina follows - produces “commodities and not food”.

He warned that they are products that "do not improve their nutritional value", and that not only affect the environment and health due to the use of agrochemicals, but it is already known in experimental studies that their long-term consumption produces diseases, even premature death .

In 2014, the total area planted with GMOs in Argentina was around 24 million hectares, according to data from ArgenBío.

“The discourse of those who promoted this was that the quality of the product would be improved, but the transgenics in the market confer an economic advantage on the producer. They are not friendly with the environment nor are they food ”, said the specialist.

Among the studies that alert people about consuming or not GMOs, Dr. Massarini cites the experiment led by Gilles-Eric Sèralini carried out with corn.

Illnesses and premature deaths were detected especially in the middle of his life after consuming these products regularly.

“The harmony that this genome has as an integrated system is broken. This can bring unpredictable and non-measurable side effects.

For example, the production of proteins or substances that are altered in metabolism and that function as toxins, that can accumulate ”, he explained.

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