United Nations on World Oceans Day under the slogan: "Healthy oceans, a healthy planet"

United Nations on World Oceans Day under the slogan:

In these five points, the UN points out the need to: Remind everyone of the great role that the oceans play in our lives.

They are the lungs of our planet, which generate most of the oxygen that we breathe.

Second: To inform public opinion of the consequences that human activity has for the oceans.

Third, insist on the need to launch a global citizen movement in favor of the oceans, pointing in a fourth item to “mobilize and unite the world population around the objective of sustainable management of the oceans. They are an important source of food and medicine, and an essential part of the biosphere ”.

As a fifth note, he recalls the importance of "celebrating together the beauty, wealth and potential of the oceans."

In this line of thought, the UN recalls that this year's slogan in reference to how “healthy” the oceans and the planet must combine, is under risk both due to some human activities, such as illegal fishing, unsustainable aquaculture practices, pollution marine and habitat destruction and alien species, "as well as climate change and ocean acidification, have a negative impact on the oceans and seas."

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