How to make a house for your cat

How to make a house for your cat

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Materials to make a house for cats.

  • A cat
  • A T-shirt.
  • A 40 x 40 cm piece of cardboard approximately.
  • Two wire hangers.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Unmissable.
  • Something to cut the hangers and help bend them - Pliers for example.

Instructions to make a house for your cat.

Step 1. Cut the hangers.

Cut the two ends of the hanger where the hanger is with the help of pliers.

Step 2. We shape the wire of the hanger and reinforce the cardboard base if necessary.

We shape the hangers so that they have a suitable curvature.

If the cardboard you are using is not strong enough, you can reinforce it with tape around the edges to give it a little more stability.

Step 3. We make a hole in each corner.

Try not to do it too close to the edge because it can break.

Step 4. Join the two hangers in the middle with masking tape.

Next we insert the ends into the holes we have made in the cardboard. We will have our structure done !!!

Step 5. Fold the ends and protect them with tape.

Step 6. Check that everything is aligned properly.

Step 7. We put on the shirt.

Put the shirt into the structure of the tent carefully, you have to position it so that the hole in the neck is in the middle of a front and the bottom of the shirt can be gathered at the bottom of the structure.

Fold the excess bottom of the shirt and pinch until the neck hole is taut, secure the bottom to the cardboard.

We are done, you just have to give it to your cat to see if he gives you his approval Ecoportal.netEcoinventoshttp: //



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