Who made them ?: They find stone tools much older than the first humans

Who made them ?: They find stone tools much older than the first humans

A team of American paleontologists has found a set of carved stones in an archaeological site that is at least 3.3 million years old. Or what is the same, hundreds of thousands of years before the appearance of the first humans. The tools were discovered among hominid fossils at the Lomekwi 3 archaeological site in Kenya. They correspond to the Pliocene epoch, which precedes the appearance of the first homos, the Homo habilis.

The find may rewrite the history of known archeology in relation to the evolution of hominidsand represent its beginning. The authors of the finding, who have published a study in the journal ‘Nature‘, proposed the name ‘Lomekwian’ in English for the new oldest proto-human industry, which is 700,000 years older than the Olduvayense, the first known.

The almost 150 tools found include hundreds of hammers, anvils and carved pebbles among other objects. The authors of these tools were able to use them to open nuts or tubers by breaking them or carving the trunks of fallen trees to remove the same insects among other things, explained the leader of the research Sonia Harmand, from Stony Brook University, to the Discovery chain .The haunting question now is who made the tools.

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