Spiritual effects of the insult and why speak softly and not aloud

Spiritual effects of the insult and why speak softly and not aloud

One of the things that differentiates humans from other species is that we can talk to communicate. Today many people speak out loud to gain attention or to impose their views. Insulting and swearing in social interaction has become very common. Our spiritual research has shown that the way we speak carries with it its own spiritual vibrations that affect us and those around us. In this article we explore the spiritual effects of speaking softly versus speaking loudly as well as the effects of using inappropriate language.

Spiritual research on the effects of insult or swearing

Most languages ​​have words that are considered inappropriate. These words are also known as bad words or foul language and people often use them to express emotions such as anger, frustration or surprise or to achieve a social result such as insult, harassment or humor. Recent studies of recorded conversations reveal that approximately 80 to 90 words spoken daily (0.5% to 0.7% of all words) are bad words, whose use varies from 0% to 3.4% (Ref: Jay T. ( 2009): The Utility and Ubiquity of Taboo Words (The utility and ubiquity of taboo words).

From a spiritual perspective, the common intentions behind the insult, such as seeking attention or expressing negative feelings, lead us away from God towards the Great Illusion (M? Y?). Additionally, our spiritual research has shown that bad words alone attract negative energy. Just as the Name of God attracts divine frequencies, bad words attract negative spiritual frequencies. This means that just saying them without any underlying intention has a negative spiritual effect.

Below we share an image based on subtle knowledge drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee who has an advanced sixth sense of vision, and showing the subtle effects of swearing. All images based on subtle knowledge obtained by Yoya are reviewed by His Holiness Dr. Athavale before being published.

The accuracy of the image below is 80%, a percentage that is well above the skill of the average subtle or clairvoyant artist.

Subtle knowledge based drawing is explained below along with Ms. Yoya's experience.

  • The ego is activated when it is insulted.
  • The vibrations of the insults generate attractive energy (? karshan? -shakti) that attracts hobby energy from the environment.
  • A ring of distressing energy is activated in the subconscious mind (chitta).
  • Due to ego and defects at the mental level, distressing energy flows to the chakra located in the region of the heart (An? Hat) and towards the brow chakra (? dny?) due to thoughts.
  • Distressing energy flows from the person to the environment, polluting it spiritually.

The negative impact on a spiritual level can also affect us on a psychological or physical level. For example, one may have more negative thoughts or feel nauseous.

Another point that Ms. Yoya noted was that there is no connection with God when using bad words due to the defects of self-centeredness, attitude of judging others, lack of respect, presumption, etc. The person who uses bad words incurs sins and his ego can increase more.

Therefore, it is recommended to completely avoid the use of bad words.

Spiritual research on the effects of speaking aloud

You can speak out loud because you want to attract someone's attention or want to argue. Seeking the attention of others is a sign of ego and arguing is a fuel for negative reactions in the mind. Both the ego and negative reactions take us away from God towards the great illusion, in addition to generating negative spiritual vibrations.

When we speak out loud, it is easier for negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils, etc.) to affect us. Someone who habitually talks loud is more susceptible to experiencing spiritual distress.

Below, we share Ms. Yoya Vallee's subtle knowledge of the subtle effects of speaking out loud.

  • An emotion ring is created in the heart chakra (An? Hat) A covering of black energy forms around the person as speaking out loud is indicative of ego.
  • A ring of black energy forms around the person's mouth and a flow of black energy goes from the chakra An? Hat towards the mouth.
  • The person's mouth emits particles of black energy and active energy into the environment. Also, the person emits waves of ego due to the increased expectations of others.

In short, speaking out loud has a harmful spiritual effect. That is why it is recommended not to speak aloud. People who are hearing impaired naturally speak louder. Those who speak to these people also need to speak out loud so that person can hear them. In these cases, there is no harmful spiritual effect.

Spiritual research on the effects of speaking quietly

Speaking softly or in a low voice is complementary to the development of spiritual qualities such as the attitude of listening, humility and introversion. By introversion we mean the quality of looking within, trying to be in communion with God, and performing all actions with this goal in mind. These qualities bring us closer to God and help us in our spiritual practice. Therefore they generate positive spiritual vibrations.

Habitually speaking in a low voice helps us in our spiritual practice and protects us against attacks from negative energies. That kind of language is much more pleasant for those who hear it.

Below is a subtle knowledge-based image drawn by Ms. Yoya Vallee on the subtle effects of speaking quietly. The accuracy of this drawing is 80%.

Subtle knowledge based drawing is explained below along with Ms. Yoya's experience.

  • The ego is lower when you speak in a low voice because you think of others and you respect them.
  • The brow chakra (? dny?) generates vibrations of positive emotion in small proportion and the person emits some waves and particles of energy when speaking with normal movements.
  • The dominant energy is Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya). The mouth emits waves of Divine Consciousness towards the environment.
  • A protective covering of Divine Consciousness forms around the person. Divine Consciousness is also generated and activated in the chakra ? dny?.

It is recommended then to speak in a low voice for the spiritual benefits that are obtained.

5. Why speak softly - experiment of the spiritual dimension

We encourage everyone to conduct a subtle experiment so that they can experience the benefits of speaking quietly. Chant God's name first for a few minutes and then speak quietly for some time. See how you feel and then sing one more time for 1 to 2 minutes. Then talk out loud for a while and notice how you feel. By doing this, one can experience what happens in the subtle dimension when speaking in a low voice instead of speaking out loud.

6. Comparison - subtle result of the insult, speaking loudly and quietly

Below is a table in which a comparison is made between the effects of the insult, speaking loudly and softly:

Note 1 - By speaking softly and calmly, every action of the body, for example, physical movements, expressions on the face, are calm (stable).

7. Conclusion

Speaking softly and avoiding bad words helps us to have more Sattva and the same for those around us.

Regular spiritual practice such as chanting the Name of God creates a protective spiritual covering around us that protects us from harmful elements of the spiritual dimension, such as those generated when others speak loudly or use bad words.

Doing spiritual practice on a regular basis helps to develop our sixth sense and we can understand in depth what it is sattvic and what it is tamasic. This makes it easy to make choices sattvik how to speak softly since we internally understand the importance of doing so.

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