Self-consumption is spread from neighborhood to neighborhood in Valencia

Self-consumption is spread from neighborhood to neighborhood in Valencia

"We are a group of residents of Malvarrosa interested in launching an alternative consumption system, respectful with the environment, ecological, sustainable, social, that fosters direct relations between producers and consumers, eliminates intermediaries, promotes the rural development of our geographic scope and consolidate short commercialization circuits ", reads his cover letter. They will work under the "protection" of the neighborhood association Amics de la Malva, using their premises for logistics development.

The tour begins by probing neighborhood interest to participate in this innovation with the dissemination of a form. It is asked about the type of product in which citizens would be interested in producing, sharing, disseminating and / or consuming (local, organic, seasonal, certified ...).

In addition, as it is a solidarity and community initiative, a space for mutual collaboration is opened, looking for people who are willing to dedicate a couple of hours a week to the initiative altruistically. Formula that goes hand in hand with other consolidated activities already in the city such as the Ruzafa Time Bank or the Sustainable and Creative Red Foundation, among others.

The city's neighborhoods are increasingly committed to promoting local and autochthonous production and facilitating the relationship between citizens and self-sufficiency at street level, without intermediaries or avoidable costs. Self-consumption groups evolve in this same spirit and may have different association models. The common characteristic is that they are self-managed, contacting producers directly, placing orders sporadically and organizing the distribution.

The right price, the reduction of polluting emissions (from cultivation to transport, through packaging) and strengthening social ties by eliminating barriers to competitiveness and the enrichment of third parties, are the keys.

If cities become citizens, those of Valencia are undertaking a path of awareness and responsibility with the environment and the neighbor. The neighborhoods, from the residents' associations and platforms, are sending a clear message. Valencia is preparing to become increasingly self-sufficient.

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