Back to the field

Back to the field

By Sara Mosleh Moreno

The economic crisis, wanting to live in contact with nature or different political reasons such as anti-capitalism or environmentalism, are just some of the reasons that make, every year, entire families change their lives in large cities for a piece of land in the one to live and grow their own food.

This new phenomenon is not surprising if one takes into account that until less than two centuries ago most people lived connected to nature. It was with the Industrial Revolution that there was a massive exodus of peasants to the cities, and with it, the uprooting of millions of people who left a natural environment for polluted and crowded cities, where working hours could exceed 14 hours a day.

Whereas before living in the countryside meant being isolated, now, thanks to the communications revolution, life in these rural areas is equal to or even richer than in the cities. The disadvantages that living outside the cities could have have ended with the arrival of the Internet and the decentralization of many activities in the service sector, which can now be carried out from a computer screen.

For this reason, many people now decide to return to their roots, to the rural environment, where they can lead a life free of stress, the rhythm of wild life or the environmental aggressions imposed by mega-cities. Thus, people from all over the world have come together and created so-called intentional communities, groups of people where teamwork and social cohesion take on great importance. One of these new ways of life are ecovillages, sustainable communities committed to living ecologically, economically, culturally and spiritually healthy.

Organic food, contact with nature or interaction with neighbors have made these types of communities flourish and become places where well-being and happiness are present every day.


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