Healthy Food for Good Living Movement launches its Campaign under the slogan "One million signatures to achieve Healthy Food for Good Living"

Healthy Food for Good Living Movement launches its Campaign under the slogan

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We are here gathered to convene for an epic, the construction of a new culture with values, an ethical culture, where the cultivation of healthy food, based on organic agriculture is a central axis.

We need organic farming to be recognized and valued by planners, urban planners and political decision-makers so that it can be incorporated into State policies and strategic planning of our cities and towns. Also by researchers, professionals and technicians to include it in their research and studies; by educators and communicators so that they give visibility to the multiple benefits and services that in pursuit of Good Living.

In this framework, a group of human beings committed to this idea, we have decided to start a campaign to publicize this proposal and call on all citizens to join, since we all depend on agriculture.

True agriculture, organic, is linked to all areas of life, it provides us with food, healing plants to be healthy and also healthy landscapes.

We call you all to commit yourself by signing this proposal that calls us to promote a profound change in attitudes and a spiritual and ethical change, which reconciles us with nature, accompanied by a change in values, new political attitudes and new practices. economic.


Healthy Food Movement for Good Living


Healthy Foods for Good Living.

For the Health of Farmers and Consumers.

To prioritize Ecological Agriculture (Agroecological, Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture) the only one that provides us with healthy food.

The undersigned request State Policies that

Guarantee the production of healthy food (without agrochemicals) to supply the great existing demand, promoting production with ecological techniques through:

  • 1- Access to appropriate technologies that allow having local seeds, green fertilizers, compound fertilizers and phyto-stimulants for the management of pests and diseases.
  • 2- Advice and technical support to achieve quality and quantity agroecological products capable of meeting the needs of the population.
  • 3- Guarantee access to soil for the production of agro-ecological foods, to basic infrastructure, to appropriate machinery and to the availability of water, including the irrigation system.
  • 4- Promotional credits and Tax exemption to promote agroecological production.
  • 5- Guarantee the state purchase of agroecological production to supply schools and hospitals.
  • 6- Develop and facilitate transformation infrastructures and local marketing channels.
  • 7- Incorporate Agroecology Education and Training in areas of formal and non-formal education.

They convene:

Healthy Food for Good Living Movement


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