Differences between recycled and normal paper

Differences between recycled and normal paper

The concern of companies and citizens for the conservation and protection of the environment is growing. This means that what at first glance may seem like simple decisions, such as choosing between using recycled paper or plain paper, are very important.

Recycled paper is that which is manufactured from previously used paper and collected in offices, printers, homes, etc. Used paper is colorfast to separate the ink from the fibers. These are then bleached and the pulp resulting from this process is used to make recycled paper. However, for this process to be ecological it is necessary that the products used in the treatment of the inks are not polluting or spilled in large quantities.

Every ton of paper that is recycled prevents 3.14 tonnes of trees from being felled and just over 0.5 tonnes of oil equivalent to be consumed. Thanks to the recycling of paper, landfills and the emissions they produce are reduced. According to statistics, in Spain 4.6 million tons of paper are reused each year, which represents a volume saving in landfill equivalent to 46 large football stadiums and 4.1 million fewer C02 emissions.

The manufacture of paper always carries costs. Currently, recycled paper is more expensive than normal. Therefore, prices may vary from one company to another. However, from an environmental point of view, recycling paper is much cheaper because it saves resources, it is not necessary to cut trees, and land, because less space is needed for landfills. In addition, there are formulas to reduce costs, such as making sure to print documents on both sides or ordering paper in cooperatives. Buying in bulk greatly reduces costs.

For a decade, the quality of recycled paper has been practically identical to that of virgin paper so that it can have the same uses as normal. All this has meant that more and more suppliers of stationery and office supplies, such as Staples, are already betting on selling recycled paper alongside normal, even giving it more prominence in their catalogs.

And is that recycling is both a necessity and a reality. It is not only observed in the paper sector; It is also committed to recycling plastics, clothing, furniture, books ... In addition, it seeks to use cleaning or personal hygiene products that are not polluting and it is committed to any "green" initiative. A trend that is not only practiced at a private level, as companies also give increasing importance to being respectful with nature. The Coca-Cola company in conjunction with Ecoembes, for example, has been presenting more sustainable packaging for some time.

The use of recycled paper is a way of expressing our concern for the environment. It is also an efficient and economical measure, both for households and companies, regardless of whether they are small. Environmental savings always pay off.


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