World's Largest Chicken Producer Says No to Antibiotics

World's Largest Chicken Producer Says No to Antibiotics

One of the great food problems in modern times is the amount of antibiotics in the meat we eat. Tyson Foods is the world's largest meat and poultry processing company. In recent days, it announced that it will stop using antibiotics in chicken meat in the United States by September 2017.

It certainly sounds like excellent news, Tyson will remove the antibiotics that can medically affect the health of human beings. This company had already reduced the use of medically important antibiotics in 2011, as have others. The problem is that the elimination of antibiotics is limited only to U.S.

Tyson has production plants in China, India and Mexico as well, in these countries they do not apply these policies and it is very easy for microbes to pass from one country to another, even from continent to continent with genes more resistant to antibiotics.

This is why cutting back on antibiotics isn't exactly great news. To make matters worse, getting rid of veterinary antibiotics does not guarantee that resistant microbes cannot affect human health.

It must also be recognized that it is a good place to start changing the industry as these policies spread to other countries and not just the United States. However, with all the contamination and animal abuse that exists around poultry production, a better change would seem to me a less cruel and more organic production.

Good practices in the Animal production they should be extended to the whole world, but the world should stop consuming animals the way it does, the medical proof is right here and in many other studies. Reducing our consumption of meat would improve our health, our air, living conditions and empathy with animals.
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