Foods that seem healthy ... And they are the opposite!

Foods that seem healthy ... And they are the opposite!

If what you want is to learn to eat correctly and healthily, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the hands of a good nutritionist so that he or she can determine the elements that will make up the diet to follow.

However, based on recommendations or hearsay, we decided to include some elements in our diet simply due to the fact that most consider them beneficial for the body, when in fact they are not.

Vegetable oils

Unlike animal fats, these oils, because of their liquid consistency, are believed to be healthy. Do not forget that they also have three types of fatty acids: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, so it will be better not to abuse them.


This food provides approximately 370 kilocalories per 100 grams, as long as it is eaten boiled, without seasonings. But pasta provides the body with carbohydrates, no minerals, no fibers. If we cook it with sauces and fats, the only thing we eat is scrap metal, which will be reflected when we step on the scale.

Box bread

White bread is actually much less nutritious than bread sold at the bakery. Because wheat is not in its pure state, there is no contribution of vitamins or fibers, and being easy to digest, there may be sugar and insulin decompensations in the body.

Envelope soup

All its ingredients are dehydrated and although they are not very high in fat, they contain few vitamins and minerals, their sodium levels are very high, and excess salt can cause various damages in our system.


Although the main ingredient in this sauce, as we already said is tomato, it is also made with onion, herbs, spices, vinegar and a high sugar content. Although it is not considered a harmful food, due to its components, it will be better for people with gastritis to refrain from consuming it, as well as people with diabetes due to sugars. In addition, it is a highly caloric food, since 100 grams of this sauce provides 100 calories.

Diet sodas

Various studies have shown that this type of soda has high levels of sodium, something that people are unaware of and just because they think they are dietary, they increase their intake, without knowing that they will actually cause weight gain in the long run .

Sliced ​​cheese

One of the cheeses that is peremptorily prohibited when you go on a diet is the so-called sliced ​​cheese or American type cheese, because in reality it is not a natural product, but rather it is the result of an industrial process where a series of ingredients are combined for its creation, which includes high amounts of different types of fats, as well as salt.

Soy sauce

The soy that we find in stores derives from a chemical process, to which various chemicals are integrated that, according to studies, increase the risks of suffering from cancer and causing genetic defects, in addition to containing high levels of salt.


Their problem is that we can find them in different presentations: fried, with salt, with chili, among many others, extra ingredients that eliminate all their benefits. What is recommended is to consume a handful of this fruit naturally on some days of the week.


A mistake that most people make is to eat fruit juices instead of soft drinks to quench their thirst, because being the product of something natural they believe that it is healthier.
This is a tremendous mistake, since when preparing them, there are those who add large amounts of sugar and strain them, so the pulp is not consumed, the ingredient that has the necessary fiber to lose weight. Here it is best to eat a good plate of fruit and think about drinking a juice occasionally.
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