Could 3D Printing Save Rhinos?

Could 3D Printing Save Rhinos?

However, conservationists fear that the plan is counterproductive and that instead of reducing demand for these products in China or Vietnam, it will increase. These two countries are the major black markets for rhino horn.

They sell for up to $ 60,000 per kilogram and are used in traditional Chinese medicine as cancer treatments or aphrodisiacs.

Rhino poaching has increased significantly since 2007; consequently this species is on the verge of extinction. As highlighted in "New Scientis", last year 1,215 animals were slaughtered in South Africa. Environmental organizations and governments have tried to stop this situation.

However, this company called Pembient believes that demand should not be curbed.

In his opinion, what needs to be done is to try to satisfy the needs of this audience instead of telling them that they are wrong and this can be achieved with technology.

In this sense, the company plans to unveil a prototype horn next month.

The synthetic horn is created from keratin and powder and its shape is quite similar to that of a rhino horn.

If everything goes as planned, the fake horns could be on sale this fall and would cost a tenth of what the illegals cost right now.

The company also hopes to do the same for ivory, tiger bone, pangolin scales and other wildlife products.


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