Healthy birthdays for kids. Dare yourself!

Healthy birthdays for kids. Dare yourself!

The problem is always the same: how can I feed my children in a healthy way, if they only want junk food? Maybe it is not so. Are they the ones demanding so much sugar, fat and processed foods ... or are we the ones constantly offering it to them?

As the years go by I see a constant change in the food choices, in my environment. We have more information every day and therefore we have more tools to decide. At the same time, we are getting to know new products, such as spirulina, which very few knew a decade ago and is very widespread today. Despite being a direct descendant of the first life form on the planet, it is only today, however, that it seems to be in fashion.

And with the children? Are we well informed to make more conscious decisions when it comes to eating? In principle, it seems that they all like the same things. There is a characteristic in your favorite foods and drinks: the sweet taste and the salty taste. So if we stop to think about what they would like to eat, and pay attention to what products the food industry offers, “junk food” immediately appears. Sometimes I have heard it said that junk food is not that bad, because if you look at children and adolescents, you notice that they are full of energy. Clearly, they are full of energy from being children and teenagers, and not from eating junk food.

Those of us who have children know the state of excitement in which children are after going to a typical birthday with that type of food. We all know it: the amount of sugar (of the worst quality) they eat is scary. A glass of any soda contains the equivalent of 6 sachets of white sugar. Just one glass! Imagine the difference our children could perceive if they followed a healthy diet. That is in our hands, it is our responsibility, our choice. Sure, it is much less comfortable and demands a greater effort. We must put our attention, time and will on this issue. It's so much easier to go to the grocery store and buy all kinds of junk food and drink for a while before our children's birthday starts. I remember that when I was a child everything was very different. Despite the fact that birthday food, a few decades ago, was not so healthy either, there was at least one attention, one dedication, one moment of intention provided for that special day.

I had the experience of celebrating my son's birthday, without junk food or soda. Live food for children and adults. I remember that when I communicated this idea to some friends, the comments were: “poor things”, “why that punishment?”, “What torture” and others like that. It was very funny: a priori, it was the adults who were already disenchanted. There is the key. Children ask for that junk food, because adults propose it. They told me "don't repress them", and I jokingly replied: "What if they ask me for beer, I repress them?" Sure, yes, because it is bad.

My son's birthday was celebrated, the children played happily for hours; food and drink, of course, were in the background. As it should be. Children want to play. The menu? Drinks: juices squeezed from oranges, smoothies of banana and almond milk, chocolate with almond milk. I remember that I was almost all the time in the "Bar", the children came and the dialogue was this:

• Can I have a soda?

• There is no soda.

• And what's up?

• There is chocolate, juice or banana smoothie.

Then they would choose one of the options and continue with their moment of fun, happy. Guys ask for sodas, because that's what we propose! Of course, there were also salty foods: sandwiches, broccoli trees, almond and seed croquettes (raw), toasted sunflower seeds, celery strips, cucumber strips with salt and lemon, quinoa and millet croquettes, vegetable tarts. And sweets: chocolate cakes, apple cakes, strawberries, bananas, apples, homemade banana ice cream and much more. There were also some long faces ... of adults, who did not eat hot dogs and French fries. Children, playing, happy, like children, not caring so much about the menu. Surely that night they slept soundly. What children want is to play

By Marcelo Castro, Green Vivant

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