These 7 plants will help you repel unwanted insects

These 7 plants will help you repel unwanted insects

Going back to ancient natural methods to repel insects is a good way to protect yourself from chemicals and, in general, fill your home with delicious smells.

Some options:


It will help you repel ants, aphids, cicadas, mites and pigeons. This plant is usually cultivated around other plants that seek to take care of insects; so you also have a natural repellent in the garden.

Matricaria or Santa MarĂ­a:

It is perfect to repel mosquitoes. When grown together with citronella and lavender its effects are better. Plant it in the entrances of your house, and near windows and doors.


To scare away flies and mosquitoes. The smell is also exquisite.


Repels moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes as they cannot stand this smell. Tie some bouquets around your house and it will especially scare off flies. Plant it in sunny areas of your garden and it will also help keep some pests away from the plants.


In addition to its culinary uses and its exquisite smell, it will, above all, keep mosquitoes away. Plant it in a sunny spot in your garden.

Lemon Thyme:

You can even plant it in rocky areas, as long as it is in a sunny location. To work as a repellent you must cut the leaves and rub them between your hands. Then spread the essence over your arms and neck; Make sure with a little first that it won't cause irritation.


It is a repellent, especially mosquitoes. To use rosemary, first crush the leaves, and then rub them on your skin.


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