Artificial trees that generate electricity

Artificial trees that generate electricity

The city of Singapore has proposed to reverse the customary order and make "a city within a garden" (and not a garden within a city).

This ambitious endeavor, enacted in a city that is at the forefront of technology, has so far its "jewel in the crown" in the Gardens by the Bay, more than 101 hectares in the heart of the new downtown.

These gardens reproduce a large number of the ecosystems found in the world, but they have added a technological touch that characterizes this incipient Asian power.

Inside the Gardens by the Bay stands an electric forest of solar trees.

These "trees", up to 50 meters high, are actually vertical gardens composed of "skin" of bromeliads, ferns and flowering vines. The trees provide shade during the day and at night they light up and turn into digital displays.

Eleven of them have solar cells that generate electricity and hydraulic technology to help preserve the gardens.

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Video: KEZAKO: Can we produce energy with trees? (June 2021).