Buy back in bulk

Buy back in bulk

By Bárbara Carbonell

Where do a lot of plastic bags end up?

Every year 10 million tons of waste, mostly plastic, reaches the sea, which not only kills millions of animals but the animals themselves mistake for food.

Animals that we will later eat, such as fish, making plastics enter the food chain.

Motivations to Sell and Buy in Bulk Buying in bulk isn't just good for the planet.

Also the agents involved in the bulk marketing process benefit.

The producers: The cost of packaging is saved, as well as the time required for packaging.

This can especially benefit small producers.

The distributors: they have a similar benefit.

In 2009, Mercadona stopped packaging fresh fruit to sell it in bulk, thus lowering its price by between 15 cents and one euro per kg.

The shopkeepers: Logistics can be simplified (although some products such as flours must be kept cold if they are not packed).

The buyers: they can benefit in several ways.

Buying in bulk provides more freedom when deciding how much we want to take home, if we want a lot and also if we want very little; it will prevent the product from spoiling due to having too much in the container.

In addition, we see what we buy, without any container that prevents us.

And finally, we manage to fill the container more slowly, so we will have to take the garbage out to the street fewer times.

A little change in habits

It is important that when we become aware of the seriousness of disposable packaging, we also apply good habits when shopping in bulk. It is useless to do so if we put each food or product in a new bag, even less if it is plastic.

Let's get used to carrying our own containers (pots, tupers, paper bags ...), which we can reuse.

Equally important is to use a shopping cart, basket or reusable bags, since it is also better not to carry the purchase in bags that are given to us in the store, especially if they are for single use.

The key is that when we get home we do not have to discard anything that has served only to transport our purchase.

A hopeful future

Apparently, bulk stores are becoming fashionable and, although they are not yet the predominant ones, there are more and more, as well as more customers buying in them.

Customers of all kinds, according to some bulk stores: from young to old, with little or a lot of money, dressed casually or with a suit and tie.

Ecologists in Action

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