First quarter of 2015, warmest since 1880

First quarter of 2015, warmest since 1880

If 2014 was considered the warmest year ever recorded, with high temperatures and devastating floods, 2015 is emerging as a candidate to break new records.

The climatic anomalies leave no room for doubt. During March, there were heat records in parts of the western United States and Canada, several regions of East Africa, parts of Scandinavia, northwestern Russia, part of central and southern China, and an area of ​​northeastern Australia. In contrast, central India, southeastern Mauritania, central Mexico and western Canada all experienced colder than normal temperatures.

Furthermore, Finland suffered the third warmest March in the last 116 years, only behind 2007 and 2014 and Australia had the eighth warmest March since there are records in the country (1910).

Here are some data on temperatures in 2015 provided by NOAA:

  • About the first trimester:

The average temperature of the earth's surface with that of the oceans has been the highest in this period since there are records: it rose 0.82 degrees above the 20th century average and surpassed the previous record of 2002 by 0.05 degrees. .

The average temperature of the ocean surface between January and March was the third highest in the last 136 years, with 0.53ºC higher than the historical average.

  • About the month of March:

The average temperature in March was the highest in the last 136 years, 0.05ºC higher than the previous record, dating from 2010.

The thermal anomaly of this March was the third highest in a month since 1880, only surpassed by those of February 1998 and January 2007, which had monthly increases of 0.86ºC compared to the historical averages for those months.

The global sea surface temperature in March was 0.55 ° C above the average for this month in the 21st century, making it the third highest record since 1880, behind only 1998 and 2010.

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