Mapuche legal victory against Fracking in Argentina

Mapuche legal victory against Fracking in Argentina

The well is located 20 kilometers from the city center. The Chubut government can appeal the measure.

The appeal for amparo was presented Marcelino Pintihuequeof the Mapuche people, sponsored by the Comodore lawyer Silvia de los Santos. The report of the ex officio expert played a determining role in this determination. Roberto Ochandio -designated by the Court- which states that hydraulic fracturing puts the water tables at risk. The argument that there is separation between the water layers and the gas layers is false, according to the presentation.

Ochandio's main argument coincided with that of the “party” expert, judicially a technical consultant of the plaintiff, the Petroleum engineer and master in Environmental Impact Assessment and alternative energies -among other things- Eduardo D’Lía. It should be remembered that Ochandio had been questioned by the Chubut government when he indicated that he did not have oil exploitation as a specialty, but he is a geographer and has more than 30 years of experience as an oil worker.

Regarding the ruling, De los Santos indicated that the Justice considered that “The well did not have the necessary guarantees to avoid damaging the environment and that the direct impact of the water is accredited until proven otherwise, but there is no technology in the world that prevents the contamination of water and air”.

The well was inaugurated with a great ceremony in May last year at the site, attended by YPF CEO Miguel Galuccio and Chubut Governor Martín Buzzi. At the time, both denied that the well endangers the water tables. Now the justice has opined otherwise and the activities were suspended.
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