The power is yours!

The power is yours!

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

Perhaps some of you remember the courageous phrase The power is yours !, which was said at the end of the episodes of Captain Planet and the planetariums.

Its meaning lies in the fact that we all have the power to change our erratic way of life, as long as we fill ourselves with will, optimism and dedication to achieve ecologically sustainable and sustainable development in the environments that we host, being reborn as responsible citizens who prioritize protection. of its natural heritage.

Captain Planet was a true superhero who illuminated TV screens in the nineties, through an animated series that sought to awaken in children and adolescents an interest in conservationism, and concern about the accelerated deterioration it suffered environment. To achieve this, they introduced us to five young planetarians who turned the classic elements of Nature into great magical powers at the service of peace, life and Humanity.

There is no doubt that Kwame from Africa with the power of Earth, Wheeler from North America with the power of fire, Linka from Eastern Europe with the power of wind, Gi from Asia with the power of water, and Matti from America South with the power of the heart, they transformed their five powerful rings into a great symbol of the global ecological battle.

They demonstrated that youth could walk the paths of environmental awareness, to defend tooth and nail all the natural resources of our beloved Pachamama. Traveling through the four cardinal points, the planetary boys held the power of courage, sacrifice, momentum, commitment, passion and the desire to safeguard the integrity of the Earth.

The union of their strong rings invoked the extraordinary Captain Planet, who did not hesitate to use his virtues to defeat any eco-villain, who endangered the tranquility of the orb. Nobody could with him.

Plague Doctor, Voracious Clepto, Cerdonio Ruin, Otto Muddy and the rest of the evil ecocides, had to surrender for the revolutionary guts of our superhero.

In the episodes of Captain Planet and the planetariums, socio-environmental problems were addressed, such as smog in the streets due to excessive vehicular traffic, the ambition to turn nuclear energy into a weapon of mass destruction, the systematic depletion of the ozone layer by pesticides, the growth of domestic garbage and industrial waste in public spaces, the contamination of fresh and salt water sources, the hunting of animals to use their skins in making clothes, the extermination of whales , the corruption and bureaucracy of politicians to allow ecocides, the extraction of minerals by transnational corporations, the danger of acid rain from the burning of coal, and many other issues that expressed the environmental neglect of that distant time.

In addition, at the end of the chapters, ecological tips were mentioned so that viewers could reflect a little on planet Earth and improve their interaction with the rest of society.

They invited us not to waste electricity in homes, not to fall into the habit of smoking that disturbs human health, not to waste drinking water when washing the car, not to irresponsibly create biological children, not to throw the inorganic waste in the vegetation of the parks, not to throw the oil down the kitchen drain, and not to consider physical aggression to solve our interpersonal problems.

They also encouraged us to use the bicycle to go to nearby places, to plant trees in the cities, to open the windows of the house and take advantage of the renewable sunlight, to use the washing machine only with a full load of clothes to wash, to motivate the habit of reading since childhood, to reuse sheets of paper, to exercise the body by practicing sports disciplines, and to lead an attitude of environmental respect, which is NOT subject to social pressures, fashion and urban stigmas. Unfortunately, the themes exposed in the episodes of Captain Planet and the planetariums, were called boring and exaggerated by a large number of detractors of the animated series.

However, the stories that were told there more than 20 years ago, ended up being a tragic prelude to the current environmental annihilation, which the technocratic world is suffering in the XXI century. We see that Climate Change, the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming were responsible for devastating the illusions of Gaia, Captain Planet and their five young planetaries.

They were defeated and poisoned by the lethal injection of transgenic foods in the market, by the penetrating hydraulic fracture that breaks the gas-bearing soils, by the drug crops that deforest native forests, by the extinction of exotic fauna species in the jungle areas. , by the unstoppable oil spills that accumulate on the maritime coasts, by the extreme drought that kills humble families with hunger and thirst, and by the climate of latent hostility that spoils the peace of the ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Since the first episode of Captain Planet was broadcast on TV in the nostalgic year of 1990, until the environmental debauchery that we resisted in the sophisticated year 2015, global emissions of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere have increased by more than 60% , due to the huge burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal).

Today, more than 35,000 million tons of CO2 are filtered into the environment and pollute the quality of the air that we all breathe, to satisfy the brutal demand for goods and services of the New World Order, being the authentic kryptonite that mourns blood the fate of modern civilization.

With nothing to lose and much to gain, I took to the Venezuelan streets to ask the green and wild people the following: Do you know who Captain Planet is? Young people, adults and old people said to me Do you mean Captain America? I told them again "No, I'm talking about Captain Planet and the planetariums" Again they replied. Isn't Captain America from the Avengers? Finally they told me “No idea, we don't know Captain Planet”.

Despite asking them to make an intellectual effort and remember their childhood superheroes, no one remembered the memorable fights fought by Captain Planet and the planetarians. Everyone remembered only and exclusively the worst antiheroes which include Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Superman, the Fantastic 4 and the X-Men.

As we know, all those fictional characters that enjoy great popularity, inject a series of anti-values ​​into the psychic reality of individuals, unleashing citizen violence, unfounded hatred, the thirst for revenge, the projection of selfishness and social enmity. In fact, the majority of respondents who only remembered the warmongering Captain America, also recognized that they did NOT practice the Culture of Recycling, or Energy Efficiency, or Saving Drinking Water. Unfortunately, we live in a 21st century that suffers from unhealthy consumerism on a global scale.

The ticket of the bald eagle and its savage capitalism, is eating away the humanist, pacifist and conservationist spirit of the millions of men and women of the globe.

They were left blind, deaf and dumb before the glimpsed environmental irrationality, because Uncle Sam enslaved them not to see, not to listen and not to report the wave of crimes against nature, which are frequently committed in the geography of our countries.

The insane beats the healthy boxing. That is why all the capitalist sheep of the 21st century idolize Captain America over Captain Planet, representing a clear example of ecological indifference, media alienation and transculturation that infects Humanity. The governments of the day and their clientelistic environmental organizations always kiss the multivalent transnationals, by granting licenses to explore and exploit foreign natural resources, and thus vilely execute extractive megaprojects that take the lives of peoples native and fertile lands that by right belong to them.

No one wants to recall the chapters and teachings of Captain Planet, because the images are blurred, archaic and blurred. The argument, content and transmission of ethical, moral and ecological values ​​no longer matter, which can positively influence our modus vivendi. Everyone prefers to see the frivolity of content in high definition, in three dimensions and with surround sound.

It does not matter that these audiovisual clutter represent an apology for war, envy and treason, because the empty heads that religiously consume these subliminal messages do not have the capacity for introspection to recover critical thinking in their lives. It is common knowledge that people like to live as others decide what and how to live their own lives.

We are immersed in a serious holistic problem, replete with millions of cadets who obey Captain America's command voice, and cannot apply the discernment that frees them from the Made in USA mass indoctrination. It is shocking to appreciate that NASA asks its followers on social media to send it photos and videos of their favorite places on Earth. With the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome (There is no place like home), the US organization wants us to forget how they have turned the home climate of the Earth into a bread and a circus of access reserved for the elites.

NASA never takes advantage of its power of convocation and conviction among the crowd of flesh and blood, so that Earthlings learn to solve simple mathematical calculations, in order to practice the rule of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle). It is more profitable to sell us binoculars, photomontages and electoral campaigns, which are hidden in exoplanets, in rockets and in space junk.

For this reason, the possibility of returning the trees to the green forests, of covering the clouds in the blue sky and releasing the sirens in the velvet of the seas, was suddenly destroyed by the arsenal of bombs, machine guns, shotguns, of grenades and tanks, which bring to fruition the consuming arms race of planet Earth.

Thus, the bad luck of Human Beings grows, which translates into very strong earthquakes, avalanches, hurricanes, forest fires, dust storms, tsunamis, floods and other catastrophes that are NOT the fault of divine Nature.

It is clear that Captain Planet turned out to be a superhero without enough malice to predict the abrasive holocaust that was coming in the overpopulated 21st century.

He never imagined that each year more than 13 million hectares of forests would be lost on planet Earth, that the ancestral animal abuse of bullfighting would reach the United States with "The Great Bull Run", that a pilgrim pig would escape from a farm and He would kneel in front of a Buddhist temple, that the elephant Raju would cry after being released after spending fifty years in captivity, that a great lightning bolt would strike the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, and that SeaWorld's killer whales were drugged to perform the amazing aquatic choreography.

He never thought that plastic would have its own island of synthetic garbage, nestled in the oceanic gyre of the North Pacific, that honey from bees would be replaced by Monsanto's robotics, that the Floreana giant tortoise would quickly succumb to the Galapagos Islands, that the excessive toxic fog in Beijing would force the planting of artificial clouds with silver iodide, that the water footprint intensified by agricultural expansion, would leave more than 800 million people without access to drinking water, and that the Lamb of God no longer removes the sin of the world in no corner of the milky way.

Our beloved Captain Planet, was a naive guy who did not escape the xenophobia of his creators and the glyphosate of his eager executioners. A taciturn hope that broke the glass chamber into a thousand pieces. A broken dream wrapped in the radioactive nightmare of Fukushima, in the uncontrollable fuel spilled by the Prestige, in the copper sulfate that covered the Sonora and Bacanuchi rivers, in the aggressive indiscriminate logging of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, in the oily spot sedimented by the Gulf of Mexico, in the infernal rustique that accelerated furiously in the Gran Sabana, in the glacial cloudiness caused by Pascua Lama, and in any other ecocide that rusts, corrupts and wears away the rings of human faith.

The planetary youth evoked in the 1990s by Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi and Matti, is in real danger of extinction. The young people of the 21st century are too stupid, lazy and manipulable, to ask them to take up the ecological fight in their communities.

They are happy playing Grand Theft Auto endlessly, writing illiteracy on Twitter or Facebook, drinking thousands of liters of frothy Coca-Cola, listening to the promiscuity of reggaeton without condoms, eating bitter popcorn in a crowded movie theater, downloading infinite torrents without thinking about copyright, tuning MTV to brutalize the dogmatic brain, and mutating into parasites that are a burden to the rest of the global population.

The lack of Environmental Education (EA) in public and private schools in our countries, increases the ecological damage suffered throughout the planet Earth, since the academic offer and the study plan established by educational centers, bypass the obligation in taking courses of environmental benefit.

We must understand that the preservation of the human species depends on cultural roots, a sense of belonging, and unconditional love for a gentile that frees us from foreign interference.

Let's not forget that April is Earth's favorite month, since the wonderful “World Earth Day” is celebrated on April 22, so that we can carry out projects, talks, crafts, plays, contests, exhibitions, signs and other strategies didactics in which parents, teachers and their students participate.

These initiatives should not be born, grow and die in the evening of April 22, because ecology is a key knowledge for the future of future generations of doctors, lawyers, engineers, merchants, housewives, musicians, architects, politicians, ranchers, police, workers, and other protagonists of the established social environment.

How beautiful it would be if your children grew up with the great attachment to the life of a Tardigrade.

Behind the slowness of their steps and their diminutive size, the so-called “water bears” have an impressive desire to live, beyond the negative variables of the environment. They are unique in the animal kingdom, because they can enter a state of suspended animation (cryptobiosis), which allows them to go long years without hydrating with water, withstand extremely high atmospheric pressures, withstand ionizing radiation, survive and even reproduce in outer space .

Although none of us have the coveted DNA of a tardigrade, we can learn from their survival instinct to NOT give up, and move on with building the New Man.

We assure you that Earth Day is a tremendous opportunity to educate ourselves, fill our hearts with courage and accept the legacy of Captain Planet, with the purpose of inheriting the eyes, resources and elements of the beautiful Gaia. Remember that the power is yours, only if you seize the ecological conscience that we all need to adopt in our lives, to face the environmental challenges that the future brings with it.


Video: Captain Planet - Intro Theme (June 2021).