Final Declaration of the VI CONGRESS of the CLOC LVC

Final Declaration of the VI CONGRESS of the CLOC LVC

In Argentina, homeland of Che Guevara, Evita, Juana Azurduy, Mercedes Sosa, 200 years after the Congress of Free Peoples convened by General Artigas, which promoted the first Agrarian Reform in Latin America and 10 years after the burial of the FTAA in Mar del Plata, we have held the VI Latin American Congress of Rural Organizations.

We are the CLOC-VC, an organized expression of peasants, indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants, wage earners and agricultural wage earners.

The CLOC is the fire, light and action of Via Campesina in Latin America. We emerged from the very heart of the 500-year process of Indigenous, Peasant, Black and Popular Resistance, which united the historic peasant movement and the new movements that emerged in response to the dismantling processes imposed by neoliberal policies.

We unite strength, experience and struggle, and we build organizational and programmatic proposals according to the new political moments, affirming that the agrarian question belongs to the whole of society and as such we must address it within a strategy of alternative and popular power.

Our Congress has developed at a time when contradictions and class struggle are reflected in an offensive by capital that promotes new wars, oppression and conspiracy against the peoples, whose maximum expression is the direct attack on Venezuela by declaring it a danger to the security of the United States, but also in the various coup and destabilizing strategies, implemented by the alliance of large business groups in communication and financial capital, seeking to defeat the sovereignty of our peoples and prevent the action of progressive governments in the region .

Recognizing the progress of regional and continental integration processes such as UNASUR, ALBA, MERCOSUR and CELAC, the VI Congress welcomed the overwhelming solidarity and unity between the organizations and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which supported the position of Cuba and its denunciation on the North American blockade and the maneuvers and campaigns against its people; attitude that encourages us to continue the construction of the Great Homeland of Bolívar, San Martín, Martí, Sandino and Chavez.

We reject patriarchy, racism, sexism and homophobia. We fight for democratic and participatory societies, free from exploitation, discrimination, oppression and exclusion of women and young people. We condemn all forms of domestic, social, labor and institutional violence against women.

We raise the flag of our comrades: peasant and popular feminism is part of our strategic horizon of socialist transformation.

The work of strengthening our organizations and especially our bases will continue to be at the center of our priorities. We are committed to strengthening the participation and integration of youth in all organizational processes.

We reaffirm the Integral and Popular Agrarian Reform, peasant and indigenous agriculture with an agroecological base as essential components of our path towards Food Sovereignty and the cooling of the planet, guaranteeing access to land and water for women, youth, the without land, and ensuring the recovery of territories by indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants. We also fight for the recognition of the social function of land and water, and the prohibition of all forms of speculation and hoarding that affect them.

We commit ourselves to continue defending and keeping our peasant and indigenous seeds alive, so that in the hands of the communities we recover, reproduce and multiply them, from our peasant systems. We will not hesitate in the fight against any form of privatization and appropriation of seeds and all forms of life.

We must defeat the agricultural model imposed by agribusiness corporations that, supported by international financial capital and based on transgenic monocultures, massive use of pesticides and expulsion of peasants from the countryside, is the main responsible for the food, climate, energy and crisis. of urbanization.

We call to continue fighting tirelessly for a world free of GMOs and pesticides that contaminate, make sick and kill our peoples and Mother Earth. We will resist, together with peoples and communities, extractivism, mega-mining and all the mega-projects that threaten our territories.

We celebrate the achievement of Via Campesina by placing the Charter of Peasant Rights on the agenda of the UN Human Rights Council and we demand that governments ratify our positions. We call on our organizations to turn the Charter into an instrument of struggle of the rural peoples and the whole of society.

The future becomes fertile when the tender smile of the hundreds of children, from the 1st Congress, delivered their message for peace and the care of our mother earth.

The future is our children, the present is illuminated with the vigor and strength of youth, and our main tools are training, education, communication and mass mobilization, unity and alliances between peasants and peasants, peoples. natives, Afro-descendants, workers from the countryside and the city, students and popular sectors, organized in pursuit of forming a force capable of making the changes for which we fight. We are living in a very unprecedented and complex historical moment, determined by a new correlation of forces between capital, governments and popular forces. Imperialist capital is now under the financial and transnational control, which is why we identify SOCIALISM as the only system capable of achieving the sovereignty of our nations, highlighting the values ​​of solidarity, internationalism and cooperation among our peoples.

Against capitalism and for the sovereignty of our peoples, America's unity continues to fight!

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