Consumerism and Programmed Obsolescence. Call of attention

Consumerism and Programmed Obsolescence. Call of attention

The technology is wonderful, but the cost of the devices in terms of production is no secret. The environment is the most affected and we are not able to measure the repercussions of that in the medium and long term.

The most complex thing is that the devices, instead of being a function of the human being, are a function of consumption and advances reach our hands, when they are already obsolete and the new model (of televisions, cell phones, computers, etc.) is ready. .) to go to the market, which leads us to more and more consumption, in a crusade that does not stop since "having the latest model" of whatever it is, not only means that we are at the forefront, but also, It grants a status that someone seems to care about (I still haven't found out who).

The value of things does not seem to matter to anyone and appears as a "mom" speech that is outdated. I remember the juicer, which was in my parents' house for almost 20 years and was not changed because it still worked. Maybe it wasn't bad practice after all. Finally, if you get lemon juice with an old juicer, with an electric juicer or with a fork, it has no greater relevance when it comes to eating salads and that can be displaced to anything. The truth is that we are full of debt and things that, when we return from the hard work day, we are too tired to use.

Let's see if we find so much sense to work excessively to earn the money that we are going to leave entirely on products that will soon be broken or we will not even get to use.

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