They discover an ocean 644 km below the surface of our planet

They discover an ocean 644 km below the surface of our planet

Increasingly, scientists are learning about the composition of our planet understanding that events related to climate change, weather and the sea are closely related to the tectonic activity that continuously vibrates under our feet. This study was conducted by researchers and geophysical scientists from the United States and Canada using data obtained from the USArray.

The USArray is a collection of hundreds of seismographs located in the United States that permanently record the movements of the Earth's mantle and core. Thus, the researchers believe that the Earth's water could have come from the interior of the planet by being "pushed" to the surface by means of geological activity. The journal Nature publishes an article that states that researchers found a small diamond that points to the existence of a large reservoir of water under the Earth's mantle, about 600 kilometers deep.

The lead author of this study, Graham Pearson, a fellow at the University of Alberta, Canada, said that “one of the reasons why the Earth is a dynamic planet is the presence of water inside. Water changes depend on the way the world works. " After having performed numerous studies and complex calculations to test their theories, the researchers believe they have found a gigantic pool of water in a transition zone between the upper and lower layers of the mantle, a region that is somewhere between 400 and 660 km. below the earth's surface.

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