Panama will officially celebrate Indigenous Women's Day

Panama will officially celebrate Indigenous Women's Day

Through Law 9 of March 31, 2015 published in the official gazette 27751-B, the State seeks to give special recognition to indigenous women who have particularly stood out in Panamanian society.

In the second article of the legislation it is determined that the Ministry of Education "will try to include this subject in the study programs of history."

In addition, it states that those in charge of guaranteeing and promoting relevant events will be the Ministry of Education, the National Institute of Culture, the National Tourism Authority and the National Institute for Women. Finally, the State urges public and private institutions to carry out activities aimed at recognizing the value of indigenous women.

Background to the celebration On September 5, the International Day of Indigenous Women is celebrated, instituted in 1983 during the Second Meeting of Organizations and Movements of America in Tihuanacu (Bolivia).

The date was chosen because Bartolina Sisa, a courageous Quechua woman who was dismembered by the royalist forces during the anticolonial rebellion of Tupaj Katari in Upper Peru, dies on September 5, a substitute for the great rebellion that Tupac Amaru and his brave starred in. companion, Micaela Bastidas, throughout the southern Andean region (1780-82).

The indigenous woman is the vital bearer of the cultural heritage, the one who teaches the ancestral language to the sons and daughters, the one who continues with the traditions, the one who resists the different forms of structural violence precisely because of her triple condition of being excluded: being indigenous, to be impoverished and to be a woman.


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