With eight plants you can solve 80% of health problems

With eight plants you can solve 80% of health problems

By Olga Esteban

How does a 'peasant' become someone followed by hundreds of people?

I've always been in social trouble, but never in any game. At one point I discovered a plant, ‘stevia rebaudiana’, defended by parents of children who had died in the United States from aspartame, a sweetener. I wonder then how it is possible that what heals is forbidden. And I realize how deluded I was for years thinking that the products I used for the garden were the best.

Who is responsible for this deception?

I don't know… But I do know that there are 10 or 12 pharmaceutical companies that control everything, from the origin of life to the end. Seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, food additives and, to close the cycle, do not cure drugs dominate.

And how do you defend getting out of that control?

Can't man be self-sufficient? Being so in food is more complicated, but in medicines it is simple. On a balcony you can have 7 or 8 floors with which you have solved 80% of the problems, if not totally at least partially.

Conference by Josep Pamiés, The healing power of plants

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He is a strong advocate of stevia. Isn't it forbidden? What is it for?

If you grow it at home, no. It is good for diabetes, hypertension, anxiety ... If there really are some of those diseases. Can you imagine? It is in the interests of industries that it continues to be prohibited.

You say you can even treat cancer.

For example, with kalanchoe, which is very easy to grow and has always been used in traditional medicine. We have seen tumors disappear in two months. But cancer is many more things, if you face fear, try not to overwhelm yourself, follow a balanced diet ...

Doctors say that you may be a danger, that nothing you say is proven.

The results are evident and we do not work with any plant that has not been scientifically studied. They are in animals but when you have to test it in humans, there is no interest because there are no patents and, therefore, there is no business. People have all the information at their disposal, as long as they don't delete it from the internet and don't burn the books.

If everything is as you say, why the rejection of the doctors?

Some out of ignorance, because all they do is repeat the knowledge they were taught at the University. And others out of fear. But there are professionals who dare and assure that if it were not for fear, more than half of the doctors would be interested in these topics. Ángeles Pallarès, a doctor in Anthropology and a nurse, carried out a project in Al Aiun, for the treatment of 200 diabetic women with stevia. In two months they have been cured. It is a shame that you have to go to Morocco to investigate it.

Do you then advocate that we throw away the entire home medicine cabinet?

They are very powerful drugs that cannot be stopped suddenly.

I doubted before some illnesses were real. Which ones do you think are not?

Many of the psychiatric ones, from autism to hyperactivity, depression, schizophrenia ... Depression is sadness, what you have to do is give them love.

His statements about Ebola have been very controversial.

What we have said is that Ebola is not that easy to spread. Why didn't the nurse's husband get infected? Because it is not that easy. Chlorine dioxide cures it in three days. And malaria, in hours. Yes gentlemen, priest and we are seeing it. Do we have to shut him up?

Is chlorine dioxide allowed?

Not for human use. It is a shame that the authorities themselves are so murderous that they prefer not to admit it. Someday they will have to pay for it. The European Union has authorized it for the treatment of ELA. But not even that here.

Now he wants to encourage people to grow marijuana at home.

Having a plant at home is not a crime. If 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000 people have it, they can give it to anyone who needs it for free.

It is already used to relieve pain.

But it is that in addition to relieving it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and


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