France legislates for all buildings to incorporate green roofs

France legislates for all buildings to incorporate green roofs

Likewise, this effect increases in cities where there are few green areas and is proportional to the size of the cities. Its main consequences are the change in the regional climate and the increase in energy demand due to the use of refrigeration systems, increasing the carbon footprint of the city.

Last week, France passed a new law requiring partial roof coverage with solar panels or rooftop gardens. Recently the Eiffel Tower renewed its energy supply system with wind turbines and this is just one more example of the plan that the French country has to reduce its emissions and energy consumption by 2020, especially considering that they are the organizers of the conference Nations Conference on Climate Change 2015.

As a context, France is further behind than Germany, Spain and Italy in integrating renewable energy into its energy matrix. A year ago it only had 5,095 MW of solar energy, which represents 1% of consumption in the first quarter of 2014, while Germany already had 37,000 MW on the same date. Therefore, this policy will help accelerate the process of renewing the energy sources of the European country.

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