The vegetarian inhabitants of a village in India live 120 years and women in their 65s give birth

The vegetarian inhabitants of a village in India live 120 years and women in their 65s give birth

Hunza's neighbors are very similar in their physiognomy to Europeans, many of them have light hair and eyes, women who are over 40 look like teenagers and women over 65 who have had children.

But what is the secret of his youth? It seems to be that it is closely linked to their vegetarian diet, related to their natural diet and their customs; They are vegetarians and bathe in ice water, they have even done so at 15º below zero. Depending on the season of the year, the basis of their diet is raw fruits and vegetables in summer and dried apricots, sprouted grains and pecorino cheese in winter.

Many doctors, since the beginning of the 20th century, have been interested in knowing the secret of longevity and the health of the inhabitants of this place and there have been experts who have pointed out the possible reasons for this surprising fact. Robert McCarrison was the first to be interested in this small paradise, observing that these people consumed very little protein.

He calculated that in one day they ate about 1,933 calories, 50 grams of protein, 36 grams of fat, and 365 grams of carbohydrates. Sir Robert McCarrison was a convinced of the great importance that diet has for health, a pioneer and visionary on nutrition issues.

In November 1921, this great English physician, in a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh before the Society for Biological Research, highlighted and focused on "the wonderful health and robustness of the Hunzas, who dwell on the northwestern frontier of India. The hardy, Hunzas are much lighter in complexion than the skin of the natives of the plains of northern India "...

Ancient map of India showing where Hunza is located "They claim - he continued in another comment at the conference - descended from three soldiers of Alexander the Great, who lost their way in one of the steep ravines of the Himalayas. In fact all Travelers who visited the Hunza-land have been particularly impressed by its peaceful atmosphere and by the splendid health and friendliness of its people "McCarrison concluded that diet is the main factor in the longevity of this population because Other neighboring towns, with the same climate but with a different diet, suffered from various diseases and their life expectancy was twice as short.

Another researcher: R. Bircher, was fully sure that being vegetarian was the key to their health because they consume natural fruits and vegetables and also have regular fasting periods. These kind people from Hunza believe that the secret to their longevity lies in eating natural products, working and being always active, moving a lot.

Another of their characteristics is that they are always in a good mood, which leads to a peaceful and full life.

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